Warframe – Void Trader [Jul. 15 – 17]

Baro has returned to Larunda Relay on Mercury.

He will be there from July 15th – 17th.

Recurring Item.

Sand of Inaros Blueprint Starts the Sands of Inaros Questline 200Ducats+ 50,000 Credits

Item Description Cost
3 Days Affinity Booster Doubles Affinity gain. 450Ducats+ 200,000 Credits
3 Days Credit Booster Doubles Credit gain from mission and mission rewards. 350Ducats+ 75,000 Credits
3 Days Resource Booster Doubles the amount of resources gained from pickups. 400Ducats+ 150,000 Credits
Primed Bane Mods +55% damage to Corpus/Grineer/Infested. 400Ducats+ 140,000 Credits
Eos Prime Chest Plate Warframe Cosmetic. 125Ducats+ 75,000 Credits
Eos Prime Shoulders (Left and Right) Warframe Cosmetic. 50Ducats+ 75,000 Credits
Eos Prime Spurs (Left and Right) Warframe Cosmetic. 65Ducats+ 50,000 Credits
Falcon Mod Pack  5 random mods. 1 will be Uncommon or better guaranteed. 250Ducats+ 50,000 Credits
Dragon Mod Pack 5 random mods. 2 will be Rare guaranteed. 500Ducats+ 100,000 Credits

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