Warframe – Void 2.0

With Specters of the Rail Update, Warframe’s Void Tower system is no longer available for Void Items. In this new system, all existing Void Keys have been converted into Relics which consist of a tier and type. This doesn’t mean that Void Tower are out of the game, it’s just that their is no longer any rotation systems.

Essentially Void Relic act exactly the same as Void Keys, they are obtained the same way and are used up in the same way. The only difference is that the reward pools are more condensed and void keys are now individually use rather than a group use.

Prime Items are now only obtainable through Void Fissure missions which can range from mission type and difficulty which will determine the tier of the Void Relic used. Instead of having a large range of ways of obtaining Prime Items, each mission can only yield 1 Prime Item. Void Fissures

After choosing a Void Fissure, you will been put into a menu that allows you to pick a Relic from the corresponding Orokin Era (Lith, Meso, Neo, Axi) from lower difficulty to high difficulty each representing the previous Tier I, II, III, IV Towers.

Relic Selection.png

From then on, each Relic will have 6 Prime Items that used to be in the Void Towers categorizes from the odds of it being dropped. You will equip whichever Relic you want to bring along you in the fissure, hoping to get one of the items listed.

After choosing Fissure and Void Relic, players will enter the mission (you can opt out of using a Void Relic and still receive Void Traces, but will receive no prime item). In order to obtain the Prime Item, you must find the void fissure within the mission which is a red flame. When you activate the red flame, Void Tower enemies will start spawning and you must defeat them and pick up the item they drop into the red flame to seal the Void Fissure. You have 3 minutes to pick up 10 of the item drops and deposit within the red flame. After completing this, you must complete the initial mission objection and you will be able to extract with the prime item.

One aspect of this new system that is against the broad RNG of previous system is that only prime items and blueprints can be obtain meaning that Fusion Cores and components will no longer drop. At the end of the mission, each player’s obtained Prime Item will be up for grabs. If you want an item that someone in your party got, you can give up the Prime Item you obtained and get what they got. This gives players a choice of up to 4 different prime items to choose from, rather than just 1 item. Players that did not contribute a Void Relic will not receive a prime item nor contribute a prime item to the ending pool of rewards.

Void Relic Refinement

Void Relic Refinement is a system that utilizes void traces which you get by completing Void Fissures. You can sacrifice Void Traces to increase the chances of you obtaining items that have a lower odd of dropping. Their 4 tiers of Refinements: Intact, Exceptional, Flawless, Radiant. The higher the refinement the most odds the lower items have of being rewarded.

To Unlock the Void Relic Refinement, players must complete the Mercury Junction on Earth.

For Example: Neo N2 Relic’s Vauban Prime System Blueprint Drop Chance is now higher. Compare this picture to the one above.



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