Warframe – Mag Prime Arsenal Locations [ June 28th – July 26th ]

Mag Prime & her arsenal have been unsealed, for rough a month she is once again available in the void. Here are all the locations that her item components can be found:

Mag Prime

Part Drop Location(s)
Mag Prime BP Tower IV Survival – Rotation C
Mag Prime Helmet Tower II Capture
Mag Prime Systems Orokin Derelict Defense – Rotation C
Mag Prime Chassis Tower II Exterminate

Boar Prime

Part Drop Location(s)
Boar Prime BP Tower IV Mobile Defense
Boar Prime Stock Tower I Survival – Rotation C
Boar Prime Barrel Tower III Defense – Rotation C
Boar Prime Receiver Tower I Mobile Defense

Dakra Prime

Part Drop Location(s)
Dakra Prime BP Tower I Sabotage
Dakra Prime Handle Tower IV Interception – Rotation C
Dakra Prime Blade Tower V Capture

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