E3 2016: Titanfall 2

E3 2016 revealed a decent chunk of information for Titanfall 2. A few hours before the EA press conference, the Singleplayer for Titanfall 2 was leaked. Titanfall 2 will be releasing on October 28th for Xbox One, PS4 & PC.

Titanfall 2 attempts to fix the problem that made it’s predecessor’s longevity last merely a few months and to create more immersion into the Titanfall universe that Titanfall missed. Titanfall 2 attempts this by expanding Titanfall’s lore and creating more content such as a more robust progression system and diversity.

Titanfall planet

In Titanfall 2, there is going to be a Singleplayer offline campaign that gives players more lore on the world of Titanfall including revealing more about the setting, wild and the Titans of Titanfall. The Singleplayer campaign follows protagonist Jack Cooper whom stumbles upons BT-7274, a Titan who lost his pilot and they are forced to become partners in order to complete a very important mission.

matrix robots

For Titanfall 2‘s Multiplayer, there is going to be a better progression system and customization options. There are 6 new titans, each having their own special abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Revealing at E3 were Ion and Scorch; Ion utilizes Laser weaponry while Scorch utilizes Fire. There’s also a bunch of new weapons that weren’t in Titanfall such as the grappling hook, gravity grenade


In Titanfall 2, there are now gamemodes that will not have AI’s and some kind of horde gamemode.


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