Maplestory GMS v.174 – Heroes of Maple: Reborn

The first update of Maplestory’s Heroes of Maple trilogy is Reborn. Reborn is mainly focused on revamping old classes, bad systems and advancing Maplestory’s lore. Each Hero with the exclusion of Cannoneer will be receiving visual updates.

Maplestory: Reborn is set to release on June 22nd.

Heroes of Maple Story


Act 1 of the Heroes of Maple should be released in Reborn, Act 2-3 in Blaster & Act 4 in Damien.



In Reborn, Aran, Evan, Monster Park, and Black Heaven are receiving a reborn. Aran & Evan are receiving a reborn because they are due a long revamp as for being one of the first heroes released.


Monster Park is getting a revamp to make it more appealing to players, as currently, it is skipped because there are far more efficient substitutes such as Monster Park Extreme. Monster Park Extreme will be closed during Reborn.

Black heaven

Black Heaven is receiving a revamp because it’s difficulty level is too much currently. Monster HP and Quest difficulty are being reduced. Players who are able to complete the Acts without the handicap will receive additional rewards.

Monster Collection


Monster Collection is a new system that rewards player that collect certain types of monsters. Within Monster Collection, there are locations that consist of multiple groups of monsters that can range from 1-5, totaling of 606 monsters.. If the player fills out each monster in the same group, they have the ability to send them on expedition that will bring back gift boxes. If players complete a whole section within the Monster Collection, they will be rewarded a specific item such as Cube Chairs*, Slots, Mesos and more.

There Monster Collection medals that correspond to certain Areas, collecting 50 monsters from the corresponding Area will yield a medal.

*Cube Chairs are themed chairs that players can combine today to create their own chairs through their inventory. The chairs are only usable in towns.



Reborn will have multiple events such as Spiegelmann’s Slumbering Dragon Island Expedition and Burning Project. Some of these Events will reward Heroes Coins which could be traded in to Spiegelmann for Heroes gear such the re-release to Adventurer Critical Rings & Hero Hats (Mercedes, Luminous, Phantom) and more.


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