Warframe – Update 18.14.0

Warframe Update 18.14.0 adds the Dark Split-Sword which is a sword that can be chosen to be used as a heavy sword or dual sword based on the stance mod equipped. Along with the Tenno Reinforcement, there are 4 new Augments and changes.


Dark Split-Sword
Use as a devastating heavy sword or apply a Dual Swords Stance and split the weapon into two ferocious blades. You choose how you wish to wield this weapon based on the Stance Mod equipped.
•    Each form reflects different Damage, Status and Critical Chance Stats.

New Operator Customizations! 

Visit your ‘Customize Operator’ menu to view a variety of new Customizations – over 30 total! We’ve split these customizations into two groups: Free and Cosmetic.

We’ve added new Tenno Faces & Somatic Markings for free!
We’ve added new Face Attachments & Hairstyles for Platinum!

New Augments

The following Augments are available as Syndicate Offerings:

•    Wukong: Primal Rage: Primal Fury Augment- Killing an enemy increases Critical Chance by 10% up to 100%. The increase decays by 1% per second. (does not double effect of other melee crit mods)
•    Wukong: Iron Vault: Iron Jab Augment – Aiming Iron Jab at the ground launches Wukong into the air. Executing a slam attack increased range by 15m and applies 500% extra damage.
•    Nekros: Creeping Terrify: Terrify Augment – Affected enemies have 60% reduced movement speed.
•    Ivara: Infiltrate: Prowl Augment: Ivara is able to bypass laser barriers and gains 25% movement speed.

Volt Changes

•    Volt can now place up to 6 Electric Shields (was 4).
•    Volt will be able to see the Speed pickup he creates.
•    Volt can now recast Speed (like Mirage’s Eclipse). Each recast will replace the prior speed pickup to the new casting location.
•    Tweaked the animation of Volt’s Speed pickup to spin more.


•    Kela De Thaym can now be hit with Damage procs. (i.e Corrosive procs will lower her armor, Fire procs will set her on fire, etc.) Please note that Kela will not be affected by procs that cause animations (staggers or knockdowns) as this conflicts with her Grappling Hook state.This change will help with high level Kela De Thaym Sortie assassinations.
•    Increased the drop rate of Rare mods on Manic Bombards, Drekar Hellions, Battalysts, and Conculysts.
•    Improved auto-repair of corrupted installs.


•    Fixed casting Loki’s Radial Disarm increasing the number of enemies by 1.
•    Fixed reviving in a certain Corpus tileset room respawning you above the level.
•    Fixed Saryn Prime’s head piece clipping.

•    Fixed disarming a MOA resulting in a Prova sticking out of their head.
•    Fixed Helios’ Detect Vulnerability at max rank (now 2.75x damage at rank 5 instead of 2.5x).
•    Fixed Interception points being stuck as captured after a round ends if using a controller.
•    Fixed Sigils overlapping Nova Prime’s back jets.
•    Fixed numerous localization issues.
•    Fixed numerous inconsistent Skin names and ‘Grand Master’ titles.


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