Pokemon Sun & Moon – News & Legendaries

Pokemon’s newest Trailer for Sun & Moon reveals the two cover legendaries as Solgaleo & Lunala alongside a bunch of interesting and new information.

Ironically, these Legendaries are weak to the suppose element they represent.

Solgaleo is a Psychic & Steel type. Full Metal Body makes it so Solgaleo  is not affected with with stat de-buffs. It’s special move is Sunsteel Strike.


Lunala is a Psychic & Ghost type. Lunala has the Shadow Shield ability which makes attacks to Lunala deal less damage when Lunala is full health. It’s special move is Moongeist Beam.


Presumably, the whole Alola Region has also been revealed. It is a string of 6 islands.

Alola Region

Also a new feature in Sun & Moon is the Rotom Pokedex which looks like it’s going to become a talking companion that will aid players by giving directions, hints, explaining pokemon information in the Alola Region. It may even allow you to talk with your pokemon.



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