Path of Exile – End-game Labyrinth

More information about the End-Game Labyrinth going to be released in Prophecy has been revealed.

The End-Game Labyrinth will only be accessible after completing the 6 Trials of Ascendancy, each time a trial is completed, it will reward a key which is required to get into the End-Game Labyrinth by using it at the Map Device.

The End-Game Labyrinth’s Trials of Ascendancy will be found in low map tiers presumably tier 1-6 and the Trials are not longer static, meaning that the layout will be different each time.

There is also a new trap:

Sentinel Traps are stationary traps that can be suppressed by dealing damage to them. After being damaged, they deactivate for a few seconds. They’ll reactivate automatically a little while later. While active, their payloads can include various types of elemental damage and negative effects such as hurting you if you use a movement skill nearby. You’ll want to keep them suppressed as much as possible while solving the Trials they are in.

End-Game Labyrinth will also have a leaderboards, rewarding another jewel for having the fastest clear of the day in each league.


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