Warframe – Void Trader [ May 20th – 22nd ]

Baro has returned to Larunda Relay on Mercury.

He will be there from May 20th – 22nd.

Recurring Item.

Sand of Inaros Blueprint Starts the Sands of Inaros Questline 200Ducats+ 50,000 Credits

Item Description Cost
Affinity Booster Doubles Affinity gained.(3 Days) 450Ducats+ 200,000 Credits
Credit Booster Doubles Credit gained.(3 Days) 350Ducats+ 75,000 Credits
Resource Booster Doubles Resource gained.(3 Days) 400Ducats+ 150,000 Credits
Ki’Teer Sentinel Wings “Soar to new heights of luxury with these angular Sentinel wings.” 400Ducats+ 250,000 Credits
Tempo Royale Rare Heavy Blade Stance 385Ducats+ 175,000 Credits
Primed Morphic Transformer – Archwing Maximum +55% Power Strength 350Ducats+ 150,000 Credits
Prisma Edo Shoulder Plates “Decorative shoulder plates for your Warframe.” 100Ducats+ 55,000 Credits
Primed Flow – Warframe Maximum +275% Power Max 350Ducats+ 110,000 Credits
Primed Ravage – Shotgun Maximum +110% Critical Damage 280Ducats+ 100,000 Credits
Prisma Veritux “A rare object of beauty, this Archwing sword has been sheathed in prisma crystal and baptized in the void’s energy.” 550Ducats+ 150,000 Credits

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