Path of Exile – Prophecy

Path of Exile Patch 2.3.0 codenamed Prophecy is Path of Exile’s newest content update releasing on June 3rd. You know the drill, there’s going to be new Skill, Uniques, Strongboxes and Divination Cards. Alongside the content update, there will also be two Prophecy Challenge Leagues.

The Prophecy leagues include a set of 40 new challenges. When you complete 12 challenges, you receive the Prophecy Footprints Effect. At 24, you receive the Prophecy Weapon Effect. When you complete your 36th challenge, you receive Navali’s Monkey Pet. These microtransactions are exclusively available in the Prophecy leagues.

Prophecy Tab.jpg

Prophecy will features Prophecies, hence the name. Navali is a new NPC that will be in every town and you will have to trade silver coins to her to receive a prophecy. Prophecies can range from specific monster encounters, NPC encounters and Prophecy Chains which is prophecies that have a storyline.

The league’s ultimate encounter can be reached by completing four separate Prophecy Chains and combining their results. One of these Chains is shown below.

Completing certain Prophecies can unlock new stats for your Unique items, i.e Death’s Harp becomes Death’s Opus and adds another additional arrow. It can also make weak Uniques viable such as Bramblejack into Wall of Brambes granting the leveling Unique +2000 Armour, so it’s viable for higher levels. Some of these unlock change the level requirements.


If Merciless Labyrinth wasn’t hard enough for you, there is now an end-game Labyrinth where players have to complete specific map which will contain Ascendancy trials to gain access to the all new Labyrinth. But don’t worry you will only have to complete Ascendancy trials twice.

In this update, we’re also streamlining the Trials of Ascendancy so that you only have to complete them once on each difficulty level per league.

Completing the new Labyrinth will yield another 2 Ascendancy Points and allow players to gain access to another item enchantment tier, such as cast Commandment of War on Kill, 10% Chance to dodge if you’ve been crit’d recently, and 30% increased Blade Vortex duration.



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