Warframe – How to get Fragor Prime

Warframe Update 18.12.0 has taken out Loki Prime’s set of arsenal and replaced it with shiny new Vauban Prime. 

The Fragor Prime is the newest prime melee weapon as of Update 18.12.0. It features a 35% critical chance and a 2.5 critical multiplier.

A beautifully forged instrument of devastation.


Impact: 91.0

Puncture: 19.5

Slash: 19.5

Slam Attack: 260.0

Slide Attack: 260.0

Wall Attack: 260.0

Attack Speed: .8

Critical Chance: 35%

Critical Damage: 250%

Status Chance: 10%

Channeling Cost: 5

Channeling Damage: 180%

Drop Table

Part Drop Location(s)
Fragor Prime BP Tower I Exterminate
Fragor Prime Handle Tower III Defense – Rotation C
Fragor Prime Head Tower IV Sabotage


Fragor Prime vs Regular Fragor

  • Higher Impact Damage (+10.5)
  • Higher Puncture Damage (+2.2)
  • Higher Slash Damage (+2.3)
  • Higher Channeling Damage (+30%)
  • Slower Attack Speed (-.033)
  • Higher Critical Chance (+15%)
  • Higher Critical Damage (+50%)

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