Warframe – Operation: Rathuum

Operation: Rathuum is Warframe‘s newest Event as of Update 18.10.0. Players will be entering Rathuum’s Arena where you a 3 other players will go against Rathuum’s Executioner in a PVP style deathmatch, where the first team to 25 kills wins.

Each Arena has a Modifier giving the enemies more of an advantage.

Modifier: Speed Boost
Modifier: Half Energy
Modifier: Half Health
Modifier: Half Shields
Modifier: Scaling Enemies
Modifier: Low Gravity
Modifier: No Respawn
Modifier: Quick Respawn
Modifier: Health Drain

Winning each Arena match will reward 1 Judgement Points. Players will have to attain 100 Judgement Points in-order to finish the questline.

Reward Judgement Points
Rathuum Badge 3
Rathuum Sigil 10
Furax Wraith 100

At each Reward threshold, you will be matched up with other people that are witihin the same threshold plus Arenas will now rotate. The Executioners are now higher level. Each Threshold the Executioner Levels goes up by 20 (20,40,60).

Judgement Point Threshold Judgement Points Rewards
0 1
3 5
10 10

Ash is hands-down the easiest Warframe to use in this Event. He is able to kill every Execution very quickly and in chain-succesion.

After completing the Arena, you will be given a mission to assassinate Kela De Thaym. The Boss Battle is quite difficult. When you get into the mission, you must reach the objective and each players must step on a pad and shoot the green lights behind them. After each player has done this, it will activate the Boss fight. After Kela reaches a certain health percentage, she will disappear and orbital strikes will come down from the sky, you have a 11-second buffer between each orbital strike. During this time, you will have to step on the pads and behind you shoot the green lights. After completing this, she will stop shooting orbital strikes for now. After another certain percentage of health, you will now a 9 second buffer and be bombarded by rollers. You will have to step on the pad and shoot the green lights. Defeating her will yield a Kela De Thaym Sigil and one of these mods:

  • Electromagnetic Shielding
  • Execution Shells
  • Fomorian Accelerant
  • Harkonar Scope
  • Hunter’s Bonesaw
  • Nightwatch Napalm
  • Rift Strike
  • Vulcan Blitz
  • Medi-Ray

The ideal Warframe set-up for this mission is Limbo, whatever, whatever, whatever. All the Limbo needs to do is revive while the other teammates show the green light and you’re good.

In the end, turning the coordinate navigation in will reward you 10k Standing for whichever Syndicate, you give it to.


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