Blade & Soul – True Siren Weapon Progression

Blade & Soul utilizes a unique weapon progression system where you will essentially be using the same weapon throughout your time in Blade & Soul. When Players reached the True Siren tier for their Weapon, they have the option to opt away from the main progression path for a bit and go down another Progression path.

The benefits for opting away from the main weapon progression is that the required weapon to upgrade to the next tier is available from a vendor rather than having to play Nightshade Harbor in hopes of obtaining the right weapon. The cost for this progression path is much more than the original but it’s weapon requirement is easier to obtain.

This alternative weapon progression will converge back to the original main path when players go for the True Breeze tier.

Updated for Silverfrost Mountains Patch

True Siren

 Stage Weapon Requirement & Drop Location Item Requirement Currency Cost
5 Misty Woods Cold Iron

Faction Quartermaster Vendor

15 Poharan’s Perfume, 21 Soulstone, 10 Moonwater Refining Stone 5.4 Gold
10 Stormbringer

Grand Harvest Square Vendor

15 Moonwater Transformation Stone, 340 Soulstone, 50 Silverfrost Mountain Dew 41 Gold

True Oathbreaker

 Stage Weapon Requirement & Drop Location Item Requirement Currency Cost
5 Primal

Birch Forest Ogong

18 Hae Mujin’s Machismo, 40 Soulstone, 8 Moonstone, 30 Silverfrost Mountains 12 Gold
10 Breeze

Grand Harvest Square Vendor

6 Silverfrost Transformation Stone, 120 Soulstone, 60 Silverfrost Mountain Dew, 29 Moonstone 37 Gold

Awakened Breeze

 Stage Weapon Requirement & Drop Location Item Requirement Currency Cost
5 Frosty

Shiverstone Range

18 Hae Mujin’s Machismo, 60 Soulstone, 10 Moonstone, 60 Silverfrost Mountain Dew 16 Gold
10 Yeti

Avalanche Den

12 Silverfrost Tranformation Stone, 280 Soulstone, 90 Moonstone, 240 Frozen Stingers, 7 Narju Tablets 47 Gold



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