Maplestory GMS v.172 – Zakum

Maplestory newest patch, Maples Eleven has revamped the Zakum Boss. Here’s whats new.

Zakum Crush.png

First of all, is the addition of the Zakum Crush. Zakum Crush gives players a chance to win up to 100,00 Maple Points, all by defeating Zakum and obtaining Zakum’s Special Lucky Ticket. There is 100,000,000 Maple Points up for grabs each month, after that’s gone players will have to wait until it is restocked.

Zakum's Special Lucky Ticket

The new Zakum Altar is much smaller than the previous one. Zakum has a new animation system and now has a 3-phase system rather than a 3-phase systems. Technically, 4 for Chaos Zakum. His phase don’t have a huge visual change but rather different movesets.

Zakum's Altar.png

Three new mechanics introduces to Zakum is a Death Count, Time Limit and an Aggression ranking that makes Zakum choose the most threatening target. Normal and Chaos Zakum will have 5 lives while Easy Zakum has 50 lives.

New Mechanics.png

Easy and Normal Zakum have a daily 2 entry limit while Chaos Zakum will have a weekly 2 entry limit.


Here are Zakum’s new movesets. Chaos Zakum has a few unique Movesets.

All Difficulty Moveset

Move Description Phase
Hand Smash Zakum will target specific locations on the map for 2 seconds then smash his hands down on those areas. Players caught in these areas will be stunned and take damage. 1st Phase, when Zakum still has all his arms.
Respawning Hands

(2+ players)

Zakum‘s hands will respawn and grab players. After some time with no damage taken to the arm, the player being held will be killed. This attack will not occur if there are fewer than 2 people fighting Zakum. 3rd Phase, when Zakum has no Arms.
Monster Spawn

(2+ players)

Defeat one of Zakum‘s respawn arms and he spawns monsters. 3rd Phase, when Zakum has no Arms.

(2+ players)

Zakum will charge up and explode. 3rd Phase, when Zakum has no Arms.
Teleport Slam


Zakum will teleport and will start to jump up and slam into the ground. When Zakum teleports, he will spawn a green barrier which players have be in or will be instantly K.O’d. 4th Phase, < 20% HP.
Monster Spawn Monsters will occasionally be summoned. 4th Phase, < 20% HP.

Chaos Zakum Exclusive Moveset


  • Platforms will appear while fire engulfs the bottom floor. Players in the fire will take damage.
  • Hand Clap: Zakum will target one floor of the platforms for 2 seconds, and then clap his arms and attack those platforms.
  • Zakum’s hands will be marked red during attack reflections. *Used in Normal and Chaos mode.

Item Rewards

Enraged Zakum's Helmet Enraged Zakum’s Helmet

Req. Lv. 150

  • STR/DEX/INT/LUK: +45
  • MaxHP/MaxMP: +400
  • Weapon ATT/Magic ATT: +2
  • Weapon DEF/Magic DEF: +300
  • Accuracy: +200
  • Avoidability: +100
Enraged Zakum Belt.png Enraged Zakum’s Belt

Req. Lv. 150

  • STR/DEX/INT/LUK: +18
  • MaxHP/MaxMP: +150
  • Weapon ATT/Magic ATT: +1
  • Weapon DEF/Magic DEF: +150
Enraged Zakum Cape.png Enraged Zakum’s Cape

Req. Lv. 150

  • STR/DEX/INT/LUK: +12
  • Weapon ATT/Magic ATT: +1
  • Weapon DEF/Magic DEF: +150
  • Speed: +10
  • Jump: +5

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