Dark Souls 3 – Iudex Gundyr

Iudex Gundyr.jpg

Dark Souls 3, released earlier this week on Tuesday. The first boss encounter is Iudex Gundyr and is required to proceed further into the game.

Iudex Gundyr can be quite a problematic first boss to new comers. He also introduces the unique hostile Dark takeover transformation unique in Dark Souls 3. Defeating Iudex Gundyr will drop a Coiled Sword used to kindle the first bonfire.

The main strategy to get pass Iudex Gundyr is to dodge, majority of his hit can be dodged just by moving right with the exclusion of his Jab or Sweep, which you will have to dodge.

Another strategy is to stay away from him and force him to Jump and Lounge at you and dodge, he’ll have a few seconds of downtime after performing this act. During the downtime, you can perform a decent amount of attacks.

While, he transforms, he has another few moments of downtime transforming allowing you to get a few hits in. 2-3 Hits are the maximum hits you can get before he finishes and deal AOE damage. The same two strategies above can be used against him in his second form with the exception of when he’s goes into the air, where you must roll away.

If you picked the Knight Class, you can block these attacks instead of dodging with the exception when he goes into the air in either form.

Another notable strategy is to pick the Pyromancer class and use Pyromancy at a distance for both forms.


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