Warframe – One Thousand More Cuts Tactical Weekend

After last week’s problem with the servers, Warframe will be having last week’s Tactical Alert and Double Bonus Resource Weekend again.


This time players will be given a chance to obtain the Machete Blueprint along with the shock dual-stats mods. Along with the Tactical Alert is a weekend long resource bonus.

Players will be only allowed to bring a melee-weapon against Grineer units. There are a total of 4 stages each with increasing unit levels reaching up to Lv. 50.

Complete each stage and earn the following Rewards:

Stage Reward
1 Orokin Catalyst Blueprint
2 Orokin Reactor Blueprint
3 Machete Blueprint
4 Stratos Emblem and a Random Item Reward

Random Item Reward: Dual Shock Mods, Fusion Core, Forma, Exilus Adapter or Focus Lens.



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