Path Of Exile: Ascendancy – Trials of Ascendancy Locations

To get into the new content in Path of Exile: Ascendancy, players will have to complete 6 Trials of Ascendancy each having it own trap theme. Each of these Trials of Ascendancy has a set location.

Trial of Location
Piercing Truths Lower Prison
Crippling Grief Chamber of Sins – Level 2
Swirling Fear Crypts – Level 1
Burning Rage  The Crematorium
Lingering Pain  Catacombs
Stinging Doubt  Hedge Maze

(I only have a problem with the Trial of Lingering Pain, as it is not in the regular progression path.)

After completing these 6 Trials, players can access the Labyrinth in the Act 3 town. These Trials currently have to be completed once per league per difficulty. After 3.0.0, the Trials of Ascendancy system will be changed to something new.


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