Path Of Exile: Ascendancy – Trials of Ascendancy Locations

Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath has changed the locations of the Trials for the Labyrinth for everything above Act 4. The updated locations can be found here.

To get into the new content in Path of Exile: Ascendancy, players will have to complete 6 Trials of Ascendancy each having it own trap theme. Each of these Trials of Ascendancy has a set location.

Trial of Location
Piercing Truths Lower Prison
Crippling Grief Chamber of Sins – Level 2
Swirling Fear Crypts – Level 1
Burning Rage  The Crematorium
Lingering Pain  Catacombs
Stinging Doubt  Hedge Maze

(I only have a problem with the Trial of Lingering Pain, as it is not in the regular progression path.)

After completing these 6 Trials, players can access the Labyrinth in the Act 3 town. These Trials currently have to be completed once per league per difficulty. After 3.0.0, the Trials of Ascendancy system will be changed to something new.


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