Path Of Exile – Perandus Challenge League

The next Path of Exile expansion, Ascendancy is launching this Friday. Along with it will be the next Challenge league, Perandus.

Cadiro.jpgThe Perandus League will have a new random located NPC vendor, Cadiro that will take currency called Perandus Coins (Stacks up to 250) that are inside caches. These caches will contain both Currency and Items, but they are guarded by Indebted Guardians similar to Strong Boxes.

NPC Vendor Items

As always, a new Challenge League means new Challenges that reward cosmetics. This time, players can obtain a Perandus Footprint Effect at 12 challenges complete, Perandus Weapon Effect at 24 challenges and a Perandus Portal Effect when 36 challenges have been completed. There are total of 40 challenges.

Completing the 19th Challenge will start rewarding the Perandus Totems for player hideouts.

Perandus Rewards

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