Warframe – How to get Spira Prime

Warframe Update Spectres of the Rail has changed how to obtain Prime Items, find the corresponding prime item here.

Warframe Update 18.4.12 has taken out Rhino Prime’s set of arsenal and replaced it with Saryn Prime’s. 

Spira Prime is the newest secondary primed weapon to be introduced to Warframe. It is the 2nd thrown secondary primed weapon.

These rare, braided throwing daggers were a favorite tool of high-ranking Orokin assassins.

Saryn Prime Warframe


Impact: 4.7

Puncture: 37.6

Slash: 4.7

Physical Damage: 53

Fire Rate: 3.33

Critical Chance: 30%

Critical Damage: 250%

Status Chance: 10%

Magazine Size: 12

Reload Speed: 0.75

Drop Table

Part Drop Location(s)
Spira Prime BP Tower IV Mobile Defense
Spira Prime Blade Tower III Mobile Defense
Spira Prime Pouch Tower III Capture


Spira Prime vs Spira

  • Lower base Damage (-2)
  • Lower Impact damage (-.5)
  • Higher Puncture damage (+10)
  • Lower Slash damage (-11.5)
  • Lower Critical Chance (-10%)
  • Lower Status Chance (-5%)
  • Faster Fire Rate (+.83)
  • Bigger Magazine Size (+2)
  • Faster Reload Speed (-.25)

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