Path Of Exile – Jewels for Trappers

With the reveal of Ice Trap & the Cluster Trap Support Gem, Path of Exile: Ascendancy is trying to bring more versatility and power to the Trapper builds that usually don’t do too well end-game.

In Ascendancy, a total of 4 new Jewels are introduced solely to add more firepower to the Trapper builds.

Cheap Construction Virdian Jewel
+10% Reduced Trap Duration, Can Have up to 1 Additional Trap placed.

Sometimes you just want to coat the battlefield in explosives, and you don’t care how long they last. If you’re lucky enough to acquire a specific unique belt, a couple of these jewels will turn your traps into grenades!

Hair Trigger Virdian Jewel
+18% Trap Damage, +23% Trap Trigger Radius.

Few things frustrate a Trapper more than an armed device sitting unexploded next to a pack of nearby monsters. Hair Trigger jewels solve this problem, by substantially boosting the activation range of your traps.

Unstable Payload Cobalt Jewel
10% for Traps to trigger an additional time.
Some Trappers don’t care so much for reliability, they just want big, damaging explosions. Socket up some Unstable Payload jewels, and watch your traps detonate repeatedly in a symphony of destruction. Multiple Unstable Payload jewels will only increase the chance for an additional explosion, not the number of extra explosions.

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