Warframe – Update 18.4.9

Warframe Update 18.4.9 increases the base affinity rewarded from defeating certain enemies and Limbo’s Companions now follow him into the rift.



  • When Limbo casts Rift Walk, it now takes your equipped Companion (Kubrow or Sentinel) in with you automatically.
  • We now turn Trilinear Filtering on by default for a number of PBR floor textures to improve visuals on min-spec machines.
  • The game now explains that you need to unlock Planet/Node first when clicking on a Sortie missions whose underlying node hasn’t been unlocked yet.
  • Increased the base kill-affinity for the following units:
    • Arid Heavy Gunner Eximus
    • Bailiff Eximus
    • Corpus Tech Eximus
    • Corrupted Bombard Eximus
    • Corrupted Heavy Gunner Eximus
    • Frontier Heavy Gunner Eximus
    • Grineer Manic
    • Grineer Warden
    • Grineer Warden Eximus
    • Juggernaut Behemoth
    • Sensor Regulator Eximus
    • Corpus Warden
    • Corpus Warden Eximus
    • Drekar Manic Bombard
    • Manic Bombard Eximus
    • The above changes also reduced the required number of scans for Sensor Regulator Eximus from 20 to 3.
    • Removed 3 redundant drone types from the codex (there were manual entries for Infestation¬†¬†¬† Attack Mutalist, Mutalist Lightning Carrier, and Mutalist Toxic Carrier that were no longer needed).

Conclave Changes:


  • Reduced the damage of the Rubico in Conclave.




  • Rescued stranded Corpus units that had been left at Ker and Albedo nodes (Corpus enemies on Grineer nodes).
  • Fixed Clients being unable to see Staticor charges if they are knocked down mid-charge.
  • Fixed an issue where players would become stuck after a combination of wall-clinging, jumping, and meleeing.
  • Fixed an issue where Arcane enhancement descriptions were using improper text.
  • Fixed Emblems being stuck in the new Porta armor as per: https://forums.warfr…shoulder-plate/
  • Fixed Phobos Excavation mission using Frontier Grineer instead of Arid.
  • Fixed Staticor shots missing sound.
  • Fixed broken Eximus variations for Corrupted Butcher, Heavy Gunner and Drakar Heavy Gunner preventing them from ever spawning.



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