Thoughts on the Division Beta

Now that the Division Beta is over, I would like to highlight some of my thoughts so far on the Division while I was playing over the weekend.

First off, I think the combat system is pretty solid with some exceptional hiccups surrounding the cover mechanic. All the weapon types seemed to do their part within certain situations without a single type triumphing above the others in PvE. But due to the lack of content, I can’t really see how higher level balancing is. The level 8 Dark Zones are quite unbalanced and without variants since most players either had the 1-hit Sniper or the legendary Dark Zone Rifle.

The optimization for this game on PC is quite bad resulting in low fps, occasionally visual glitches and high CPU usage, similar to many of Ubisoft’ games. Also, the game recommends a GTX 970, which is going to shoo away a decent chunk of players.

I feel like the Rogue system needs a revamp as most player that go rogue are forced to use hit and run tactics or have themselves easily overwhelmed by respawning players, since most excavation zones are quite close to respawn points at the moment. By the looks of it, playing Solo just won’t cut it in the Dark Zone due to the inability to play stealthfully resulting on an easy collapse on solo players when going against groups. Seeing how the system currently works in the Dark Zone, majority of players will opt-out of the PvP content for the multiplayer PvE content as the Dark Zone are populated with large groups of players specifically looking to cause frustration.

The lack of random encounters in the Dark Zone makes the experience against AI very 1-dimensional since the same group of mobs spawn in the same location with majority changes to their names.

Since Ubisoft still hasn’t shown much of the game in a Beta, a month before release could be worrying, knowing that the game has been development for 3 years. But seeing that the Beta was roughly 27 GB big, I hope that Ubisoft is just keeping secrets rather than the game being not content complete.

Another thing, I hope is that Ubisoft doesn’t go heavily into the crafting aspect to the point where all materials have to found and players can’t salvage existing guns to upgrade their guns.

Apparently, the Division will be having another Beta later this month before the intended release date. I hope, they will revealing more content, so I can estimate the longevity of the final product.


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