Path of Exile – Frost Bomb & Orb of Storm

2 more Skill gems going to be in Path of Exile Ascendancy has been revealed, they are Frost Bomb which gives Trap builds more variety and function while, Orb of Storms output damage in intervals in a certain area.

Frost Bomb

Frost Bomb creates an icy orb that releases chilling pulses, reducing the cold resistance and life regeneration of nearby monsters. These pulses become more and more frequent as time passes, until the orb explodes, dealing damage in a large area around the orb.

Frost Bomb is great for any build that deals cold damage. Its short cooldown makes it great for applying to large packs or tougher groups of monsters.

Orb of Storms

Orb of Storms fills a similar role for Lightning-wielders. The orb appears in front of you, and creates a ring of energy. Bolts will frequently strike enemies in the ring. These bolts chain once, hitting farther-away enemies. Using another lightning skill while inside the ring unleashes additional bolts from you. The orb has a long duration, but you can only have one Orb active at once.

Orb of Storms has a variety of uses. It’s especially useful against bosses where the bolts from the orbs will be focussed on the boss. It also works well in situations where you can fire longer-range lightning skills like Lightning Strike or Storm Call at one group of enemies while your Orb damages another.


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