Heroes of the Storm – Xul & Li-Ming

The next 2 Heroes to be in Heroes of the Storm has been revealed to be from the Diablo universe. They will be releasing in a few weeks along with new skins and mounts.

The next 2 Heroes being released will be Necromancer Xul and Wizard Li-Ming from the Diablo 3 universe.

Heroesnexus has compiled up all information revolving around these two upcoming Heroes revealed from numerous sources.



  • TraitCritical Mass: participating in a kill or assist lowers cooldowns of all skills (including Heroics).
  • Magic Missile: skillshot that shoots three missiles at a target point. The missiles come from the sides of Li-Ming – not a conventional straight line skillshot.
  • Arcane Orb: moderate speed projectile with very long range, dealing more damage the further away enemies are.
  • Teleport: can be used to quickly move around and avoid skillshots – very short cooldown. Lower range than Bolt of the Storm orValla‘s Vault, for instance.
  • 1st Heroic –Disintegrate: channeling wave of energy that is aimed with the cursor (probably like Lightning Breath) and deals damage from long ranges. Good in narrow chokepoints.
  • 2nd Heroic –Wave of Force: can detonate a ranged “telekinetic bomb”, knocking enemies away from its center and cancelling channeling. Good against powerful backline characters like Morales to disrupt her healing, or Nazeebo to disrupt his Ravenous Spirit.


  • Blizzard wanted her to be a very high skill cap character, based on community feedback on this matter.
  • Most of her damage is in her ability to land her skillshot. Very easy to understand, but very hard to maximize her potential.
  • Her abilities already have low cooldowns, so what Critical Mass does is boost her damage potential by just a bit.
  • She is definitely mana constraint due to Critical Mass, and that’s used as a balancing tool as well. Does have talents for better mana efficiency.
  • She has quite a few talents based on the source content. At level 16 she has Arcane Orbit and Diamond Skin for instance.
  • There’s a pure (safer) Magic Missile build that is a very flexible build.
  • There’s an Arcane Orb build that’s all about long range poking – hard to land but she can deal massive damage from afar.
  • There’s a Teleport build that makes the skill more aggressive and is all about teleporting into the fray.



  • TraitSkeleton Raise: raise up to 4 skeletons from dead minions for about 15 seconds.
  • Spectral Reaper: it’s a reverse skillshot, create a scythe in a target place and then comes towards him. Can curve as it travels towards him. Gives him some lane clear and poking ability.
  • Cursed Strike: enhance his auto attacks so that they deal area damage and slow enemy attack speed by 50%. One of his core counter abilities.
  • Bone Prison: targeted ability, not a skillshot. Roots an enemy hero after 2 seconds in a Bone Prison – gives up a warning when cast. Enemy heroes have to decide where they want to be stuck 2 seconds later.
  • Bonus Ability (1 Key)Bone Armor: gives you a shield for 25% of your health for 3 seconds. Gives him some much needed survivability.
  • 1st HeroicPoison Nova: big poison explosion that deals massive damage over time to enemies hit. Not very effective if it only catches 1 or 2 frontliners, but a major playmaker if you hit multiple heroes.
  • 2nd HeroicSkeleton Mages: works similar to Tassadar‘s Force Wall. Creates a line of mages that slows anybody they hit, allowing Xul to split enemy teams at a safer range. Do not impede movement.


  • Based on the Diablo 2 Necromancer – requested by the community for a long time. The team is very happy about getting him into the game.
  • Melee specialist character – unique.
  • He’s not a character like Kerrigan or Jaina, where one skill leads into the next with an obvious combo.
  • You can spec his Skeleton Raise to turn him into a siege/pusher character.
  • Cursed Scythe build, allowing you to debuff enemies even harder. There’s even a talent later on that weakens healing!!!

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