Diablo 3 – Set Dungeon Locations

Set Dungeons are a new Dungeon introduces in Diablo Patch 2.4.0 that require a full item set, rewarding players with unique cosmetics if they can complete the objectives. Set Dungeons have 4 total objectives, 3 normal and 1 mastery encompassing all of them together into a time limit.


Set Location Act
Might of the Earth City of Caldaum 2
Immortal King’s Call Near the entrance of Ruins of Sescheron 3
Wrath of the Wastes Near entrance of Pandemonium Fortress 1 5
The Legacy of Raekor Overgrown Ruins 5


Set Location Act
Thorns of the Invoker Overlook Road 1
Roland’s Legacy Western road on the Road to Alcarnus 2
Seeker of the Light Waterlogged Passage (Right of the Exit) 3
Armor of Akkhan The Armory 4

Demon Hunter

Set Location Act
Natalya’s Vengeance Wortham Chapel Cellar 1
Unhallowed Essence Howling Plateau (Bottom right corner of map) 2
Embodiment of the Marauder Fields of Slaughter 3
The Shadow’s Mantle Pandemonium Fortress 3 (Near End) 5


Set Location Act
Raiment of a Thousand Storms The Old Ruins 1
Inna’s Mantra Flooded  Causeway 2
Monkey King’s Garb The Pinnacle of Heaven 4
Uliana’s Stratagem Zakarum Cathedral 5


Set Location Act
Tal Rasha’s Elements Old Tristram Road (Cathedral entrance) 1
Firebird’s Finery Desolate Sands (Near Archive entrance) 2
Vyr’s Amazing Arcana Rakki’s Crossing 3
Delesere’s Magnum Opus Skycrown Battlements 3

Witch Doctor

Set Location Act
Helltooth Harness The Royal Crypts (Near entrance of Skeleton King Crypt) 2
Spirit of Arachyr Hidden Aqueducts 2
Zunimassa’s Haunt The Core of Arreat (Near Heart of Sin) 3
Raiment of the Jade Harvester The Gardens of Hope 4

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