Warframe – Update 18.3

Warframe Update 18.3 releases the long teased rapier, Destreza along with it’s unique stance, Vulpine Mask. Update 18.3 also dimms down Sorties time and round based missions, so it doesn’t take so long.

Tenno Reinforcement
The Destreza has arrived!  Elevate martial combat into an art form with this Tenno rapier!


Add the Destreza to your Arsenal today by visiting the Warframe Market.




New Stance Mod
Vulpine Mask: Swift cuts, lancing strikes.
Conclave Changes


  • Dread is now available for use in Conclave.
  • All Polearm weapons and Polearm Stances are now available in Conclave.
  • Opticor damage has been adjusted to one hit kill against the highest base EHP without +EHP mods in Conclave.
  • Daikyu damage has been adjusted to one hit kill against the highest base EHP without +EHP mods in Conclave. (Requires Spring-Loaded Broadhead mod)
  • Paris, Paris Prime and Cernos damage has been adjusted to two charged shot kill against the highest base EHP with +EHP mods in Conclave.
  • Mk1 Paris damage has been adjusted to two charged and one quick shot kill against the highest base EHP with +EHP mods in Conclave.
  • Rakta Cernos damage has been adjusted to three charged shot kill against the highest base EHP with +EHP mods in Conclave.
  • Sniper Rifle damage has been adjusted to two-hit kill against the highest base EHP with +EHP mods in Conclave (Requires Lie in Wait Mod)
  • The following Warframe Abilities no longer require a target to activate in Conclave, encouraging greater accuracy and less button spam:
    • Ash – Bladestorm
    • Equinox – Rest and Rage
    • Limbo – Banish
    • Mag – Bullet Attractor
    • Nekros – Soul Punch
    • Nyx – Mind Control
    • Oberon – Smite
    • Saryn – Spores
    • Trinity – Well of Life and Energy Vampire
  • Increased range of the following Abilities to compensate for their new soft targeting mechanics and ability to miss:  Smite, Banish, Mind Control, Spores, Soul Punch, and Well of Life.
  • Ash’s Bladestorm range has been increased from 8m to 10m in Conclave.
  • Elemental Bullet Jump Mods now consume 15 Energy per target when their elemental effect hits.
  • Mobility buffs have been removed from Elemental Bullet Jump Mods in Conclave.
  • Staggers/Knockdowns and radial damage removed from quick melee slam attacks in Conclave.
  • The Scindo series, Gram, Galatine, Magistar, Fragor and Jat Kittag have had their damage and Stance damage increased in Conclave.
  • Twin Gremlins damage has been decreased in Conclave.
  • Increased the +/- EHP values of the +/- Mobility Conclave Mods.
  • A minimum of 3 players in Annihilation and 4 players in Team Annihilation/Capture the Cephalon is now required for Conclave Matches to begin.
  • Changing Loadout in the pre-match Lobby screen will now update to your chosen Frame.
  • Increased the overall EHP curve from light to heavy Warframes in Conclave.
  • Reintroduced tiered base Mobility stats for all Warframes in Conclave.
  • The Mortal Conduct Conclave Mod has been changed to: At Low Health, +60% Channeled Damage Reflection for 8 seconds.
  • The Impenetrable Offense Conclave Mod has been changed to: At Max Energy, +50% Damage Block.
  • The Secondary Wind Conclave Mod has been changed to: On Kill, +5 Health Regen for 10 Seconds.


Sortie Changes

  • Sortie Mission length has been adjusted for the following mission types:
    • Defense – 10 waves instead of 15.
    • Survival – 15 minutes instead of 20.
    • Excavation – 1000 Cryotic instead of 1200.
    • Interception – 3 rounds instead of 4.
  • Sortie Defense Missions will now have players defending an able-bodied Tenno Operative instead of a single Cryopod.
  • Sortie Defense Missions will now increase in difficulty starting on Wave 5. We’ve essentially compressed the difficulty and scaling from 15 waves into 10 waves. This change will also be present for any Defense Mission with a ‘fixed duration’



  • Kubrow Egg drop rate has been increased overall.
  • Kubrow Egg drop rate increased significantly when playing the Howl of the Kubrow Quest during the Egg hunting Mission.
  • Reduced the charge time of the Redeemer and Glaive charge attack animation.
  • Ash’s Smoke Shadow Augment Mod now affects ally NPCs.



  • Fixed an issue in visual FX when pinning an enemy to a wall with a projectile.
  • Fixed an issue where Volt’s Shock Ability would shoot into the sky when not targeting an enemy.
  • Fixed Loadouts not being selectable the first time mousing over a Loadout button.
  • Fixed Saryn’s Contagion Cloud Augment Mod not properly displaying its duration on proc.
  • Fixed an error causing no enemies to spawn in Wyrmius.
  • Fixed Warframe Abilities that allow teleportation causing players to exit the terrain.
  • Fixed players being unable to sell Mods that had been fused over their max rank. This was a very rare issue, but an issue nonetheless.
  • Fixed an error causing a black-screen deadlock due to alt-tabbing out of a full screen while loading into a Mission.
  • Fixed the Vandal Aufeis Quanta Skin not properly applying to the Quanta’s cartridge as per: https://forums.warfr…s-again-bugged/
  • Fixed Vectis skins not properly coloring the clip on the Vectis Prime.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when Inbox rewards would provide Standing to a player that had not yet selected a Syndicate.
  • Fixed some Sigil textures displaying as being extra-pixelated.
  • Fixed projectile weapons being unable to kill Disruptor Drones when inside Nullifier bubbles.
  • Fixed a potential issue causing Warframe’s process to lag considerably after the game shuts down.
  • Fixed an error in the Friends List that would improperly display the last login time of a friend that’s logged in and out of the game quickly.
  • Fixed Nezha’s Fire walker not properly cleansing debuffs from Clients.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Mag’s Bullet Attractor Ability from pulling in projectiles as per:  https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/568459-u18-bug-report-megathread/page-34#entry6612761
  • Fixed kills using Bullet Jump causing ‘Kill Messages’ to not function properly in Conclave.  Kills from Bullet Jump will now count as ‘Bullet Jump’ damage in the kill feed.
  • Fixed the Kill Streak Stopper Conclave Challenge not properly matching the required Kill Streak number of 3.
  • Fixed Conclave teams becoming stuck waiting for a match to start if there were more than 4 players in an Annihilation.
  • Fixed Conclave End of Mission menus displaying longer than necessary.
  • Fixed an issue after a Host Migration to cause all players joining a match in progress to be defaulted to one team.
  • Fixed ‘On Kill’ conditions on Conclave Mods triggering from destroying Loki’s Decoy.
  • Fixed an issue causing melee, explosions and Ability damage to deal half damage when hitting a head in Conclave.
  • Fixed the Conclave Mods Blind Shot and Lucky Shot being able to be slotted into weapons that do not fire projectiles.



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