Maplestory GMS – Ursus Guide

The final patch for the Maplestory Reboot Update introduces the Ursus raid boss, whom accommodates up to a 18 player raid experience.

Getting to Ursus

The Ursus raid boss’ pre-quests becomes accessible at Level 100 after completion of the 4th Job Advancement (8th Growth for Evan and Chapter 2 for Zero).

Upon completion of the pre-quests, Players can now access the Ursus raid boss’ standby map, where players can queue up for quick play or party play. (The Pre-quest is just going to the Ursus map and asking for the story or not, then you can challenge Ursus)

Quick play will queue random players together and start once 18 players have been matched.

Party play allows players to create their own party and fight Ursus without waiting for 18 players.

Players can fight Ursus a maximum of 3 times a day.

Skeleton Animation System

The Ursus Raid Boss fight is unique in that Ursus utilizes a new skeleton animation system resulting in a more fluid and immersive boss fight. Imagine the new skeleton animation system like Horntail’s or Zakum’s multiple parts which perform separate skills but instead of being a stationary hitbox, it’s connected to one moving entity.

Skill Select System

Ursus requires players to set up to a total of 8 skills from their class to use for the duration of the boss battle. All action and buff skills are in the list of skills that can be picked. Passive, Beginner and Movement skills are excluded from the list.

Fighting Ursus

The fight against Ursus has three conditions:

  • Power Compensation
  • Death Count
  • Potion Limit

Power Compensation will change your character’s damage either for better or worst. The damage chance will be based on weapon level and total Star Force. This system is benefitical to the weaker players but is detrimental to stronger players as you can’t use pure power to beat skill.

Players who die during the fight will not be automatically Revived, teammates must go to the player and press Space Bar or action key to revive the player. The maximum of Deaths is 80. If every player is wiped during this battle, the run will be over.

Players are given a 20 Potion limit per life during the fight. It will be reset on every death.

Ursus Battle

Throughout the fight, Ursus will be performing numerous skill ranging from a slam, grabbing a player, dashing across the screen, summoning meteors, single player knock-up, or biting a player.

Ursus 1


Occasionally, when you deal around 10% of his health, he will fall down and allow players to wail on him. Majority of the time, a lot of meteors are summon and are incredibly hard to dodge for the duration when he’s down.

By the looks of it, Ursus seems to have 2 forms activated at ~30% and 10%. You can tell which form he’s currently in based on the background and music.

At ~30% Health, Ursus becomes enraged, the background turns dark with clouds & lightning and the music intensifies.

At ~10% Health, Ursus will continuously slam the ground and spitting fire pushing players away from him while meteors continuously fall from the sky but not as intense as in form 2. Regardless of defense, Ursus will be dealing 10% of your Max HP as damage in this form.

Ranking System

The Ursus Raid Boss has a ranking system that reveals which rank each player is corresponding to the total team damage. Players can check their ranking by press Tab.

The ending Grade Rating will depend on both individual and team performance. The Grade Rating goes from E to SSS (Just a speculation but it seems the damage disparity between ranks are insane).

Ranking Score Required (At the end, not Team)
SSS ???
SS ~125,000+
S 100,000+
A 75,000+
B ~50,000+
C 20,000+
D ???
E ???



Ursus Item Drops

Upon defeating Ursus and getting a Rank, you will receive Mesos and EXP along with materials use to craft items from the shop.

Ursus item drops seem to be random and have no increased drop rate corresponding to grade ranking. 7-14 item drops seem to be the common amount of items for completing the fight. Failing the fight usually rewards 4-7 items and no mesos.



The shop includes items ranging from potential scrolls, Damage Skins, Chairs, NX Stat Items and the Ursus pet that you can trade in item drops from Ursus. (Powerful Flame of reincarnation and it’s variants are not available in GMS)


Ursus Item Shop

Damage Skins


Bear Damage Skin


Destruction King Damage Skin

NX Items



This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Petite Ursus Pet



To get the Destruction King Destroyer title which gives:

  • +5 All Stats
  • +5 M.atk/P.atk
  • 5% Def. Ignore
  • +200 HP
  • 7 Day duration

You must Rank 1st within a Party of 18 and receive at least an A ranking.



Ursus Medals


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