League of Legends – Hextech Crafting & Loot

Hextech Crafting is now live in League of Legends, Hextech Crafting is anew mechanic utilizing the current Champion Mastery to enhance League’s replayability solo or in groups.

Chest & Key.png

Keys & Chests

First of all, League of Legends is probably going to introduce a loot system involving Chests and Keys. Both of these can be acquired through in-game or the shop.

This newly introduced Loot System will reward players who preform well with either a Chest or a Key, where the chest could reward players a variety of rewards ranging from champions, skins, ward skins, and summoner icons.

Mastery Chests are the chests you obtain through in-game are limited to 4 per month and can be only be obtained once per Champion. In order to be rewarded a Mastery Chest, you or your any of your pre-made party mush earn a S rank mastery or any of it’s variants. After winning a game with that Champion, regardless if you or your teammate has gotten a S rank, you may not longer receive another chest from playing that Champion.

You’ll see which champs you’re eligible for in champ select and on your champ details page.

Keys for these Chests are a different story, you will have a chance of earning a key every time you win a game regardless of it being solo or pre-made.

Players that would like to opt-out of having to grind a Chest or a Key will have the ability to purchase a Chest or a Key for 125 RP Each.

For those who just want to pick up content at a significant discount, we’re offering chests and keys individually in the store. All chests contain random loot worth more than the cost of the chest (well, depending on how you feel about Teemo) so you can purchase with the confidence of knowing you’re getting a good deal (but a direct purchase from the store will still be the best way to pick up specific items).

Chest Contents

These chests will not directly grant players Champions, Skins, Wardskins or Summoner Icons because that would be too easy. Instead inside these Chests, there are Shards and Essences.

Shards have two uses, for a time-limited champion usage or be crafted using Hextech Crafting into permanent usage of the champion.

There are 2 kinds of Essences: Champion Essence and Cosmetic Essneces. Champion Essences are used in Hextech Crafting to upgrading Shards so they go from being time-limited Champion usage to a Permanent addition to the player’s champion pool. Cosmetic on the other hands are used to craft the remaining loot types such as Summoner Icons, Ward Skins and Skins.

As for the skin available within the chest, it will include every type of skin except limited skin.

Hextech Crafting.jpg

Hextech Crafting

Here’s where the magic happens. You can either Redeem, Reroll, Disenchant, or Upgrading your Crafting Materials (Shards & Essences). Hextech Crafting will be an all new tab right put right between the Profile and Shop tab.

Inside the Hextech Crafting tab, there are 6 tabs: All, Champions Loot, Skins Loot, Ward Skin Loot, Summoner Icon Loot and Materials.

Redeeming: You can redeem a uncompleted Champion Shard anytime for a week long limited usage or a completed Champion Shard for the permanent unlock.

Rerolling: You can rerolling or trade-up three of a kind of loot for a different loot kind(Temporary or uncompleted Shards will be transformed into a permanent loot).

Disenchanting: If you’re in some need for essence, you may disenchant Shards for essences.

Upgrading: Utilize your essence bank to upgrade uncompleted loot into completed loot.



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