Path of Exile – Ice Trap & Cluster Trap Support Gem

It has been revealed today that 2 of the new gems going to release in Ascendancy is Ice Trap & the Cluster Trap Support Gem.

Ice Trap

This skill creates a series of icy explosions in a set pattern. Enemies can be caught by multiple explosions, making the skill effective against large enemies and more damaging to enemies at the edges of the burst.

This skill gives Trap characters a reliable, large area skill to get through late Act 3 and Act 4.

Cluster Trap Support Gem

When a Trap is supported by Cluster Trap, it will throw 4 additional traps, but these traps will be placed randomly in a radius around the targeted location and do less damage than normal. This makes it great for taking out large packs, especially with skills that hit a large area like Ice Trap, but can also deal high damage to a target who is surrounded. You can alternatively use the unique item Sunblast to detonate the traps around a tough boss and have them all hit.


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