Devilian – Talisman Guide

What are Talismans?

Talismans are an RNG based card-like system featured in Devilian that improve character stats & defenses.

Devilian Talisman Tab

Talisman Tab

Players are given a slot for a single Talisman at Lvl.10 and 2 Talisman tabs.  Players receive up to 5 Talisman Slots, received at Lvl. 20, 30, 40 and 50.

Devilian Talisman Cost

Talisman Cost Limit

Player have a certain Cost Limit based on their Level. (Increases by 25 every 10 Levels)

  • Lv. 10 – 40 Cost Limit
  • Lvl. 20 – 65 Cost Limit
  • Lvl. 30 – 90 Cost Limit
  • Lvl. 40 – 115 Cost Limit
  • Lvl. 50 – 140 Cost Limit

*Duplicate Stat/Defense Improves are not allowed regardless of Rarity, Rank or Card.

Each Talisman represents an individual in the universe of Nala, and they can be upgraded or fused to strengthen everything; from attack power and movement speed, to elemental protections and gold acquired from fallen foes.

Talisman Ranks

There are 5 ranks of Talismans:

  • Normal Talisman
  • Grand Talisman
  • Rare Talisman
  • Heroic Talisman
  • Legendary Talisman


Talisman Effects & Set Effects

Talismans can increase these stats & defenses:

  • Health
  • Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Agility
  • Fortitude
  • Magic Attack
  • Magic Critical
  • Physical Attack
  • Physical Critical
  • Penetration
  • Physical Defense
  • Magic Defense
  • Evasion
  • Penetration Value
  • Critical Damage
  • In-Battle Health Regen
  • Fire Resistance
  • Ice Resistance
  • Lightning Resistance
  • Poison Resistance
  • Penetration Chance
  • Evasion Chance
  • Knockdown Resistance
  • Stun Resistance
  • Attack Speed
Devilian Talisman Set Effects

Set Effect

Set Effects require at-least 2 of a certain theme Talisman that is shown on the Talisman. These Set Effects offer the more specific stat increase such as In-Battle Health Regen, Penetration Chance, etc.


Types of Talisman Boxes

Talisman Box

Talisman Boxes can roll a Talisman ranging from Normal to Legendary Tier.

Gemmed Talisman Box

Gemmed Talisman Boxes can roll a Talisman ranging from the Top 3 Tiers (Rare, Heroic, Legendary).

Sacrificial Talisman Box

Sacrificial Talisman Boxes can roll a top 3 Tier Sacrificial Talisman which give increased Fusion EXP.

Devilian Sacrificial Talisman.png


How to get Talismans?

Talismans can be obtained through Login Rewards, Monster Drops, Crafting, Marketplace and Reward Boxes from progression.

Login Rewards

Login Rewards allow players to exchange 2 Login Points (1 Days’ worth) for a Talisman Box.

Login Rewards also offer Gemmed Talisman Box. This requires Patron status which is a Monthly Subscription based upgrade and 30 Login Points.

Monster Drops

Co-op Events random empowered Monster spawns, Bosses and Treasure Boxes have a chance of dropping Talisman Boxes.

Reward Boxes

Completing certain level thresholds or achievements will reward Talisman Boxes.


You can also crafted Talisman Boxes and Sacrificial Talisman Boxes by using Magic Dust which is a resource gained by salving equipment. Each Equipment should give 4 Magic Dust when Salvage.

Talisman Boxes require 5 Magic Dust & 100 Silver while Sacrificial Talisman Boxes require 100 Magic Dust & 5 Gold to craft.


Lastly, you can pay-to-win and buy Talisman Boxes.


Talisman Costs

  • Normal Talisman – 10 Cost
  • Grand Talisman – 15 Cost
  • Rare Talisman – 20 Cost
  • Heroic Talisman – 25 Cost
  • Legendary Talisman – 30 Cost


Combing Talismans

Combine Talisman to increase Talisman Level. You can combine a maximum of 4 Talisman into one Talisman at a time.

Devilian Combing Talismans

Talisman Combing


Evolving a Talisman

Evolving a Talisman will increase it’s max level capacity, allowing the Talisman to gain more stats. Evolving requires an duplicate of the identical card and for the first talisman to be at it’s current maxed level.

Talisman start will the maximum level of 15, allowing players to evolve 3 times. Each Evolution of the Talisman will add 5 Levels, 15-20, 20-25, 25-30.


Promoting a Talisman

Upon maxing a Talisman’s Level (At 30), players can choose to Promote their Talisman which promotes their Talisman to it’s next tier. The Talisman will be reset to Lvl. 1 and will have to be re-evolved.


Exchanging Talismans

Duplicate Heroic Tier Talismans can be exchange for same rank Heroic Talismans. This requires 2 of the same Talismans and exchanging will only output 1 Talisman of the same tier.

Devilian Talisman Exchanging

Talisman Exchange


Salvaging Talismans

Just like equipment, you can also salvage Talismans for Magic Dust. Except salvaging Talismans will only give a 25% re-fund if you crafted a Talisman Box (1 Magic Dust).


Sharing Talismans

Talismans can be shared throughout Characters in the same server. All you need to do is place the Talismans you want to share in the share tab which has a 25 maximum Talisman storage.

Devilian Talisman Sharing

Talisman Sharing


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