Maplestory GMS v.169 – New Year Events

Tomorrow will be New Year’s Eve and that will initiate Maplestory‘s first New Years Event: New Years’ Countdown, but the timing is rather an inconvenience.

New Year’s Countdown

Thursday, December 31 – Friday, January 1

Travel through the Dimensional Mirror to visit the “Good-bye Hill” map where a countdown board ticks away the hours until the New Year! Once the countdown completes, a Special Shop will become available for only one hour between 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM Pacific (3:00 AM – 4:00 AM Eastern)! The shop sells some limited quantity items available for mesos, so get the goodies before someone else does. Pick up some trait items, restorative items, or a Happy New Year buff and mount!

The Kiterunner

Friday, January 1 – Tuesday, January 26

Join other players in a race around the Kite Runner map! The sky changes colors, dropping different types of New Year’s food items that can give or subtract points. See who can get the most points within 5 minutes, and earn Oversized Luck Sacks. Open the sack to receive a random item including Chaos Scrolls, Reboot Coins, a bit box, or a Kite-Flying Cushion chair!

Get the Glowing Ghost

Friday, January 1 – Tuesday, January 26

Glowing Ghosts are appearing in Maple World, and they have stolen Cassandra’s Tiny Shoes! Hunt the ghosts to help her get her shoes back and you will be rewarded with a Glowing Ghost Bundle. Open the bundle to receive one random item including a Bit Box, Dark Scrolls for Weapon/Armor 40%, Armor Scrolls 60%, and more!

Glowing Ghostbusters

Friday, January 1 – Tuesday, January 26

Keep Cassandra’s shoes safe from monsters! Collect Fine Sifters from monsters in your level range, and turn them in to Cassandra to be rewarded. You can complete this quest ten times a day, receiving EXP each time. On the 10th completion, you’ll also receive a 2016 Luck Bit-Box <Green>!


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