Warframe – Update 18.1.0

Warframe Update 18.1.0 includes the additional of Nezha along with the Loki Deluxe Skin, New Weapon, Holiday Cosmetics, New Sortie Season and Changes.



New Warframe

Nezha – A petite and playful facade conceals this Warframe’s immense power.

  • Fire Walker – Blaze a trail of flames, scorching enemies and cleansing allies.
  • Blazing Chakram – Hurl a flaming ring that burns enemies and causes them to emit a healing blast on death.  Reactivate to instantly travel to the ring’s location.
  • Warding Halo – Create a protective ring of fire that also stuns and damage enemies who get too close.
  • Divine Spears – Impale nearby enemies on spears that erupt from the ground.

Please Note: Nezha parts obtained from Sorties are tradeable, and will be a permanent reward from Sorties in the future.


New Weapon

  • Shaku – With these blazing fast nunchaku, the enemy will never know what hit them.


New Customizations

Ring of Fire isn’t just about bringing some warmth to the holiday season. This Update also bestows Warframe’s elusive trickster a fashionable upgrade to call his own. A brand new Deluxe Skin and unique set of Armor give Loki a stylish fashion sense the enemy is sure to appreciate — when they can see him. Or use the Dual Kamas with a brand new Skin to ensure they never get a chance to.

Loki Knave Skin – A new guise for an old trickster.

Loki Knave Helmet – A Helmet to match the Loki Knave Skin

Hulta Leg Guards – Loki Knave’s looted Armor.

Hulta Chest Guard – Loki Knave’s looted Armor.

Hulta Arm Guard – Loki Knave’s looted Armor.

Dual Kamas Nari & Vali Skin – Turn the Dual Kamas into a stylish sword and dagger combo with this Skin.

Scimitar Magus Skin – A unique skin for the Scimitar landing craft.

Loki Knave Profile Icon – A profile icon depicting Loki Knave.

Loki Deluxe Skin Bundle – Strike from the shadows with this collection of ill-gotten garb.

Embrace the spirit of the holidays with this season’s limited-time Customizations, or give the gift of fashion with a new nature-inspired Syandana.

Little Helper Hat – A festive hat for your Kubrow.

Nart-Deer Pattern – A festive pattern for your Kubrow.

Nistlebrush Pattern – A festive pattern for your Kubrow.

Crimson Nose Pattern – A festive pattern for your Kubrow.

Sonicor Festive Skin – A festive Skin for the Sonicor.

Ringers – Jingle all the way with this festive Skin for any fist Weapon.

Spearmint Scythe – Celebrate the festive season by unleashing sweet, minty death on all your favorite foes.

Festive Landing Craft Decorations – Spruce up your Landing Craft with the return of these fancy trimmings and snow.

Loxley Helmet – A uniquely-styled Helmet for Ivara.

Foxglove Syandana – Envelop a Warframe in this silky nature-inspired Syandana.
Bombyx Syandana – Envelop a Warframe in this silky nature-inspired Syandana.
Samia Syandana – Envelop a Warframe in this silky nature-inspired Syandana.
Moth Syandana Pack – Three colorful silken capes inspired by nature.


Sentient Changes

  • Sentient enemies will now be granted immunity to physical damage types separately (i.e. Puncture, Slash, Impact).
  • Shadow Stalker will now be granted immunity to physical damage types separately (i.e. Puncture, Slash, Impact).
  • Sentients now have a unique visual FX for a short period after becoming immune to a damage type.
  • Made various visual / audio FX adjustments to Sentient enemies.
  • Adjusted the spawn points of Sentient Oculysts.


Conclave Changes

  • The following Warframes can no longer gain energy while certain Abilities are active:
    • Chroma – Vex Armor and Effigy
    • Ember – World on Fire
    • Excalibur – Exalted Blade
    • Ivara – Artemis Bow
    • Limbo – Rift Walk
    • Rhino – Iron Skin
    • Valkyr – Hysteria
    • Wukong – Defy and Primal Fury
    • Nova – Null Star
  • All Warframes now have Conclave specific Health, Shield and Armour values.
  • Warframe Conclave Mobility stats and Mods have been adjusted adjusted to match new Effective Hit Point values.
  • Primary and Secondary weapon damage has been adjusted to match new Conclave EHP values.
  • Warframe Ability damage has been adjusted to match new Conclave EHP values.
  • Elemental Mobility Mods no longer work with Mirage’s clones until she is at full Energy.
  • Automatic weapons and shotguns now have a 1.2x damage modifier for headshots in Conclave.
  • Burst and semi-automatic weapons now have a 1.5x damage modifier for headshots in Conclave.
  • Kill X with Primary/Secondary weapon Challenges have been removed from the Capture the Cephalon game type.
  • Despair, the Hikou series and the AkStiletto are now available for use in Conclave.


Sortie Changes

Sortie Season 2 is now live!  Keep an eye on the Sortie menu in the World State Window to observe changes made to the Sortie Reward Pool. We realize this is 2 days ahead of schedule, but we wanted to give everyone a chance to get Nezha starting today!



  • Adjusted audio FX on the Grineer Toxin Injector.
  • Adjusted Landing Craft docking audio FX on Corpus Archwing Trench Run Tilesets.
  • Reduced the visual FX on Corrosive / Radiation proc’s green glow.
  • Adjusted the audio FX of Rhino’s Roar.
  • Made adjustments to the visual FX in Operator Transmissions.
  • Improved audio FX on Void Portals.
  • Made some terrain adjustments to the Orokin Moon tileset.
  • Made slight adjustments to the trials within the Orokin Moon tileset.
  • Reduced the number of large group spawns occurring in Exterminate Missions.
  • Reaper Prime has been given a PBR update!
  • Wukong’s Iron Jab will now increase the melee combo counter on hit.
  • Self-damage will no longer increase Rhino’s Iron Skin damage buffer.



  • Fixed environmental lasers hitting players that are inside of Limbo’s Rift.
  • Fixed an error causing the Capture target to die instantly when entering water in the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed Clients not properly seeing visual FX created by Ivara’s Sleep Arrow.
  • Fixed Sentient immunity visual FX not showing a proper color change.
  • Fixed Ember’s World on Fire explosive impacts not properly displaying.
  • Fixed a piece of pipe players could get caught on in the Orokin Moon tileset.
  • Fixed Rank 3 Fusion Cores being represented in the UI of Sortie Rewards instead of Rank 5 Fusion Cores. This was a UI bug only.
  • Fixed the player’s Warframe blocking the Mod UI in a Relay when the Mod UI is accessed directly, instead of through the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Mesa Specters being able to use Peacemaker while moving, allowing them to indefinitely shoot everything.
  • Fixed Conclave Challenges not showing they are complete when they have been completed.
  • Fixed an error causing a black screen when players enter the Arsenal after using the Conclave Console.
  • Fixed Clients seeing duplicate visual FX trails from the Elytron’s exhaust.
  • Fixed innate punchthrough not functioning properly for the Drakgoon.
  • Fixed the Daily Reward not properly showing a ‘unlock’ animation.
  • Fixed the Arsenal not properly displaying a Warframe when previewing a selection.
  • Fixed enemies Banished by Limbo still being able to affect other non-Banished enemies with their auras. For example, Ancient Healer Auras still affected other Infested even if the Ancient Healer was Banished.
  • Fixed Atlas’ Rumblers repeating their spawn animation when being shot at while being created.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when notifying players that their gift has been received.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Agile idle animation using her Artemis Bow as a prop, causing other Warframes using the animation to look a bit unusual.
  • Fixed the HUD not showing up for Hosts when playing a Mission with a pre-assembled Squad.
  • Fixed overlapping text that would occur when a Spy Mission becomes an Exterminate.
  • Fixed an error in the Jordas Verdict Trial causing players using a Vaporizers to lose the ability to reload when used with no Antiserum.
  • Fixed objects on conveyor belts moving in the wrong direction on the Grineer Galleon tileset.
  • Fixed some Warframe skins not being properly viewable after previewing a Deluxe skin in the Market.
  • Fixed the Natah Quest not being flagged as completed even after the player receives their reward.
  • Fixed players being able to unintentionally create multiple trade windows while in vendor mode in Maroo’s Bazaar.
  • Fixed a rare error that would cause players to experience a menu that would freeze on screen after a respawn.
  • Fixed sword whip melee weapons having a slightly off center camera when viewed in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed an error caused by the in-game VOIP that would cause hangups when trying to test a microphone or when switching an audio device.
  • Fixed buffs in the player’s HUD being removed prematurely.
  • Fixed a loss of mobility players would experience when using the Pause Menu while kneeling in a Relay.
  • Fixed Conclave ‘Player Slain’ messages sometimes providing incorrect information.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Artemis Bow HUD appearing while Ivara is carrying the Operator in the Second Dream Quest.
  • Fixed enemy markers not appearing in Archwing Defense Missions, making it difficult to locate surviving enemies.
  • Fixed Steam’s Big Picture button not properly showing the correct icons.
  • Fixed various localization issues.



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