Warframe – Sorties Season 2 [ Dec.16 – Dec.31 ]

Season 2 of Warframe’s Sortie Missions are now out. They will last 15 days before they are refreshed for new rewards.

  • Dera Vandal Barrel
  • Dera Vandal Blueprint
  • Dera Vandal Receiver
  • Dera Vandal Stock
  • Exilus Adapter
  • 50x Fusion Core
  • 25x Fusion Core
  • Legendary Core
  • Madurai Lens
  • Naramon Lens
  • Nezha Chassis Blueprint
  • Nezha Helmet Blueprint
  • Nezha Systems Blueprint
  • Orokin Catalyst Blueprint
  • Orokin Reactor Blueprint
  • Unairu Lens
  • Vazarin Lens
  • Zenurik Lens

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