Warframe – How to get Nezha

Nezha is currently Warframe’s newest Warframe released on Update 18.1.0

Nezha is obtainable through trading, marketplace or sorties. He is currently available from completing Sorties Season 2 outside of using platinum. The Blueprint for Nezha is in the marketplace for 100k Credits.

Foundry Cost


 Argon Crystal  Neural Sensor Polymer Bundles Salvage Credits
1 1 2100 4500 15,000


 Morphic  Ferrite Rubedo Credits
1 1000 300 15000


 Control Module Morphics Salvage Plastids Credits
1 1 500 220 15,000


  • 75 HEALTH
  • 75 SHIELD
  • 175 ARMOR
  • 150 POWER


 Skill  Effect
Fire Walker Blaze a trail of flames, scorching enemies and cleansing allies.
Blazing Chakram Hurl a flaming ring that burns enemies and causes them to emit a healing blast on death. Reactivate to instantly travel to the ring’s location.
Warding Halo Create a protective ring of fire that also stuns and damage enemies who get too close.
Divine Spears Impale nearby enemies on spears that erupt from the ground.



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