Warframe – Update 18.0.2

Update 18.0.2 fixes some bugs and allows players to rewatch the cinematic from the Second Dream.


Hotfix 18.0.2

Missed Update 18 Feature:


Loadouts can now be completely customized and changed in relays by using the ‘ESC’ key to access your entire Arsenal and more!



  • Players can now rewatch the Stalker Intro Cinematic from The Second Dream Quest via the ‘Rewatch’ button available in the Quest’s Codex.
  • Added a potentially permanent but experimental cap to Daily Focus Points earned, currently it is at 75,000 each day. We will monitor this over the weekend! (Note: End of Missions stats will not reflect the Focus Cap)

Conclave Changes / Fixes

  • Low Current Leap (Warframe) – +0.1 Mobility, -50% Energy Max mod added to Conclave Syndicate favours list
  • Fixed a bug with Mobility buff/debuff mods applying half the intended effects.
  • Fixed the Mortal Conduct Mod decreasing Channeling Efficiency at low health, instead of Increasing it.
  • Fixed the Tactical Retreat Mod not decreasing damage while airborne at low health.


  • Several visual improvements have been made to War.
  • Visual improvements have been made to the Stalker’s armor.
  • Adjusted the frequency of the Stalker’s whisper VO on his appearance.
  • Adjusted various audio FX.
  • Players will now see a message indicating when an Ability is on cooldown or when a Ability is in use.
  • Targets affected by Ivara’s Slumber Arrow will now wake up early if their health drops below 50% (just like Equinox’s Rest).
  • Players will now be prompted to visit the Codex when trying to start a Quest with a cinematic from the World State Window.


  • Fixed an issue with the energy drain of Ivara’s Navigator increasing dramatically on any cast beyond the first.
  • Fixed some loading hitches during the Second Dream Quest.
  • Fixed some visual issues related to menu options available after the Second Dream Quest.
  • Fixed holding down the melee button during a slide attack triggering another slide attack.
  • Fixed various audio FX issues related to the Landing Craft.
  • Fixed various issues related to the Second Dream Quest (no spoilers).
  • Fixed Eximus Stronghold Sorties not properly spawning Eximus enemies.
  • Fixed a script error that would occur when clicking ‘Tutorial’ in the Ducat Kiosk at Maroo’s Bazaar. We’ve since removed any functionality these kiosks have save for Baro count-down.
  • Fixed an error causing Corpus Outpost Excavation Mission to not properly functioning in Alerts.
  • Fixed underwater extraction not properly showing new Landing Craft skin customizations.
  • Fixed reward icons not properly appearing on the first login.
  • Fixed Corrupted Dragon Keys not being craftable in the Foundry.
  • Fixed several Earth Mission Nodes not being shown as ‘completed’ after completing them.
  • Fixed the ‘View Cinematic’ button not functioning in the Codex for Quests that have been completed or are past the first Mission.
  • Fixed underwater extraction cinematics not playing the correct audio FX.
  • Fixed Archwing Exterminate Missions spawning only one or two enemies.
  • Fixed players not properly receiving boosters as a Login Reward.
  • Fixed an error that would occur after the Itzal’s drones would die.
  • Fixed experience earned in Archwing becoming shared with the Warframe equipped, and not just the Archwing and Archwing weapons.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when opening the Foundry.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when switching between the Twin Basolk and Archwing loadouts.
  • Fixed the ‘Mobility’ stat in the Arsenal not properly displaying information.
  • Fixed players being forced under terrain when standing underneath the falling lighting fixture on the Orokin Moon tileset.
  • Fixed various localization issues.

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