Warframe Update 18 – The Second Dream

The next big Warframe update has arrived!


The Second Dream quest has been added and can be started after completing the Natah quest.

New Orokin Moon tileset added to start the Seven Principles challenges after finishing the Second Dream quest. This new system is unlocked after beginning the Halls of Ascension on the moon.

NEW WARFRAME: Ivara the Archer, earned through Easy, Normal, and Hard Spy missions.

  • Quiver: Cycle through and shoot one of 4 arrows.
    • Cloak creates a defensive bubble that cloaks allies and shields them from attacks.
    • Dashwire fires an arrow that you can zipline from.
    • Slumber puts an enemy to sleep temporarily.
    • Noise shoots an arrow that creates noises and attracts enemies to its direction.
  • Navigator: Assume control of a projectile and direct it towards its target.
  • Prowl: Become invisible and be able to steal loot directly from enemies. Firing breaks the cloak and gives additional headshot damage.
  • Artemis Bow: Summons a bow (similar to Excalibur’s Exalted Blade) that uses energy every shot, dealing incredible amounts of damage.

New Weapons

  • War, the Stalker’s sword bestowed to him by the Sentient Hunhow.
  • Rubico, a revolver style sniper rifle.
  • Talons, claws that dig bombs into the enemy an explode on command.
  • Lacera, a blade and whip.
  • Azima, a machine pistol earned by getting 100 login days (see below).
  • And another secret weapon hidden in the new quest.

New Stance

  • Vengeful Revenant, a new single sword stance!

The Sentients have arrived as a new faction, appearing in the Second Dream quest!

Login System 2.0

  • Rewards will be based on total logins starting now (December 3rd) and get increasingly valuable as more logins are gathered. This means the player is not penalized for missing a day, as rewards are no longer based on consecutive logins.
  • Players with higher mastery rank have higher chance of getting better items. Each level of MR gives +5% increase.

Sniper Rifle Revamp

  • Snipers now have variable zoom, with the aim button being regular zoom and alt fire being adjust.
  • Each zoom level gives bonuses which vary depending on what Sniper Rifle is being used.
  • Snipers now have a combo counter which increases based on kills.
  • If the player misses a shot or waits too long, the combo resets.

Sortie Missions

  • Tenno MR 4 and higher can now participate in difficult endgame missions with unique modifers and enemies.
  • Sortie missions can be accessed through an icon on the top right hand corner of the Navigation menu.
  • Sortie missions change daily, and all 3 connected missions must be completed for that Season’s reward pool.
  • Each Sortie Season lasts 15 days before cycling to a new season with new loot.

New Game Mode and Reward Changes

  • Infested Excavation: Excavation mission against Infested enemies.
  • Survival and Excavation Reward Revamp: Mission rewards now match the enemy level and mission difficulty. Enemies spawned are appropriate to the difficulty and level scaling is consistent. T4 Keys can now be gotten from these missions and rewards have been modified to remove overabundant mods with credit bundles.

New Cosmetics

  • Syandanas: Salix (cocoon based) and Pakal (Stalker based).
  • Pakal Armor for the Tenno and their Kubrows.
  • Scorn Lacera Liset skin based on the Stalker.
  • Sotz Scimitar skin for the new Liset based on the Stalker.

Revive Revamp

  • Tenno now have 4 revives per Warframe per mission. Each revive used reduces the amount of experience received by 10%, and you can no longer buy them.

Rhino Revamp

  • Passive: Heavy Impact
  • Rhino Charge: Gores enemies caught in path, affected by range instead of duration, has a combo meter similar to Atlas’s Landslide. If Iron Skin is on, it will create a Blast proc. Deals double damage to enemies affected by Rhino Stomp.
  • Iron Skin: Has a damage absorb period and is affected by armor.
  • Rhino Stomp: Is recastable and picks up new enemies in range.

Misc Additions and Changes

  • New Liset: The Scimitar with Barrage Air Support.
  • Simulacrum Arsenal: Players can now change their loadout in the Simulacrum.
  • Maroo’s Bazaar: Players can go to this new Earth relay to trade and advertise goods. Players can use the Trade emote in this bazaar to start an open trade session where anyone can enter and trade with them.
  • Clans: Downsizing is now possible if you are the clan leader.
  • Trinity’s skirt has physics!

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