Warframe – The Second Dream Quest

The Second Dream is currently the newest cinematic Quest available. You must first completed the Natah Quest to proceed to The Second Dream. 

Contains Spoilers!

The story of the Second Dream is the continuance of the Stolen Dreams and Natah Quest. In the Second Dream, it is revealed that the Stalker has teamed up with the Sentinel Hunhow uncover on Uranus on targeting the Reservoir which is the Tenno’s weakness.

The first Mission after starting The Second Dream is that you’re being sent to Infiltrate the Grineer Archives on Umbriel, Uranus. It is a Spy Mission where the Tenno are suppose to discover information on Hunhow, the Sentient destroyer of worlds. The Spy Mission reveals that an unknown source is willing to help but Lotus is skeptical but due to the circumstances, she is left no choice.

The second Mission sents the Tenno to find the Sentient Fragments on Trinculo, Uranus. It is a Salvage Mission and it is revealed that the unknown source is Alad V.

The Sentient Hunhow, nightmare of the Orokin, boogey man to the Corpus

-Alad V

During the mission when you locate the Fragment, it is revealed that is a Fragment of Lotus’ father from the Old-War. But it seems to be a trap, where you can see the Stalker in his new armor and Hunhow. It seems that Lotus has revealed where the Reservoir was.

The next Mission is to Follow the Stalker on Neso, Neptune and prevent him from reaching the Reservoir. While on Neso, you will stumble upon a Void Gate from where you’ll momentally see the Stalker destory it. Then Sentient fighters or Conculyst will appear where you must fight them off. After defeating it, it will drop a Void key in which Lotus says that the Stalker has made Void Keys. From there, it is revealed that the Moon was never destroyed but moved into the Void. It is also revealed that the Moon is where the Reservoir lies and that the Stalker is bolting towards it. You then have to disable the void mask of the Tower so that Ordis can pin-point your location so you can extract.

The next task is to protect the Moon from the Stalker. You will be sent to the Moon where you most stop the Moon from collapsing by disrupting 4 compass and having the Sentry Eye destroy 4 foundations.

After completing that, the final Mission is to Save the Reservoir. In this mission, you will reach the Reservoir where it reveals that you have been controlling a Warframe. You are then disconnected from your Warframe and forced to manually reconnect and then extracting. Extracting, you will gain access to the new portion of your ship where you will meet the Stalker and must get to your Reservoir thing and shot it. After you reach it 3 times, the Stalker kills you but your Warframe repels Hunhow and Lotus your operator into the Pod and a character customizatin pop up allowing you to customize your Tenno (Human). (What just happened ._________.)


So In Conclusion, we are human controlling a Warframe through this Reservoir Pod thing. Now we have our Human Character Models. This is how the Focus system is going to work, you will have 5 different Tenno School each having its own ability. After picking your Focus, you will receive a Lens for that focus.

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