Warframe – Wukong

According to Gamespot, the Warframe Wukong originally from the Chinese server will be releasing November 25 for all platforms on the Trailer, but their website says that Xbox and PS4 will not be getting it at the same time as PC.

Wukong Stats

  • 225 ARMOR
  • 125 SHIELDS
  • 100 HEALTH
  • 100 POWER


 Iron Jab  Working Mods
Wukong pokes an enemies with his staff, causing its target to knell while knocking nearby enemies down.
  • Power Range
  • Power Strength
 Defy   Working Mods
If Wukong falls in battle while active, Defy will restore a percentage of his health plus temporary invulnerability. Each Death will make the percentage drop while greatly consuming Energy.
  • Power Duration
 Cloud Walker   Working Mods
Engulfs Wukong in a cloud of smoke, stunning nearby enemies and allowing wukong to move around without taking damage. Energy drained will depend on distance traveled.
  • Power Range
  • Power Duration
 Primal Fury   Working Mods
Wukong with gain increased melee damage and a unique stance. Subsequent combos will increase the Bo Staff’s size increasing its damage.
  • Power Range
  • Power Strength

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