Path of Exile – Ascendancy: Ascendancy Classes & Enchanments

Each time you complete the Lord’s Labyrinth, you may imbue one piece of your equipment with a random enchantment. This process overwrites previous enchantments. Completing the Labyrinth in higher difficulty levels allows you to enchant a wider range of item types.

There are 19 new Ascendancy classes, each with its own additional Ascendancy Skill Tree to master. Upon completing the Lord’s Labyrinth for the first time, you can pick an Ascendancy class from one of the three available for your class. The first time you complete the Labyrinth on each difficulty, you will receive two Ascendancy Points for its skill tree.

Upon completing your first Lord’s Labyrinth Dungeon, you will gain access to Ascendancy Classes and to the new enchantment.

After completing the Lord’s Labyrinth, you will have the ability to enchant your gloves on any rarity to change the affix to a unique skill.

Gloves Enchantment examples:

  •  Cast word of Inferno on kill, Cast word of War on kill.

Depending on what your class is, you will have the ability to choose one of the three Ascendancy Class associated with your class. Completing the Lord’s Labyrinth for each difficulty will reward you 2 Ascendancy Points for a total of 6.

Each time you clear the Lord’s Labyrinth on a new difficulty, you will gain the ability to enchant a new item type along with 2 Ascendancy Points.

For Enchantment, completing the Lord’s Labyrinth on Cruel will allow you to enchant Boots while on Merciless, Helmets.

Boot enchantment examples:

  • Gain 8% reduced mana cost for 4 seconds when hit
  • Add 1-132 lightning damage if you haven’t kill for 4 seconds.

Helmet enchantment examples:

  • 20% chance for Discharge not to consume charges


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There are a total of 19 Ascendancy Classes, 3 for each Class except for Scion where there is only 1. Each Ascendancy Class will have unique keystones pertaining to the Class.

Duelist Ascendancy Classes

  • Slayer – Focus on destructive two handed physical damage.
  • Gladiator – Focus on single handled physical damage and shield block chance and block damage.
  • Champion – Focus on defense and evasion, buffs himself and allies.

Shadow Ascendancy Classes

  • Assassin – Focus on Critical Strike Multiplier, Critical Chance and Power Charges.
  • Saboteur – Focus on Traps and damage to trapped enemies.
  • Trickster – The jack of all trades Ascendancy class for Shadow, giving players the ability to go towards evasion, ES, or damage.


  • Juggernaut – Focus on Armor, Endurance Charge, Fortify, and Stun Threshold.
  • Berserker – Focus on Damage Leech, Warcry, Attack Speed, Movement Speed.
  • Chieftain – Focuses on Fire Damage through varies methods such as Ignite, Totems and Fire penetration.


  • Necromancer – Focus on minions.
  • Occultist – Focuses Curses, Dark Magic & Chaos Damage including power charges, extra Curses and minor defense.
  • Elementalist – Focuses on Elemental Damage, including the ability to penetrate  enemy resistance and to gain Elemental Conflux (All damage from hits will cause Chill,Shock & Ignite). Includes both defensive and offensive ability.


  • Deadeye – Focus on Physical Projectile Damage, Piercing and Bleeding.
  • Raider – Focus on Phasing, Onslaught and Frenzy.
  • Pathfinder – Focuses on Elemental Damage, Flash Upgrades, Elemental Resistances


  • Inquisitor – Focus on Consecrated Ground, Elemental Damage, Critical Strike Chance & Multiplier, and mixed damage.
  • Hierophant – Focuses on Spells, Totem, Mana, Power and Endurance Charges.
  • Guardian – Focuses on teamplay such as giving allies more ES & Armor, increase in Guardian Aura potency to allies.


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