Warframe – Prime Vault Unsealed

Warframe has revealed that Prime Vaults will be re-opening and they are offering it as an extension of the Prime Access Program. The first Prime Vault Program will be available from December 8, 2015 to January 5, 2016.

Warframe Prime Vault Unsealed

When the Prime Vault is unsealed, the Primed items will be once again available in the void. You also have the chance to buy the Prime Access of the certain Warframe when the Prime Vault is unsealed.

The first Prime Vault to be unsealed is Frost Prime and his arsenal. All his item that were previously obtainable through the void ( Latron Prime, Frost Prime & Reaper Prime) are once again available in the void for a limited time from December 8th to Janurary 5th.

The Frost Prime Access returns with the Frost Prime Avatar Pack, Misa Prime Syandana and Titan Extractor Prime for $59.99 along with Frost Prime and his weapons + 1050 Platinum.

For more information on Prime Vault, you can visit here.


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