Payday 2 – Update 90

Payday 2 has just released Update 90. In Update 90, there will be a new community weekend challenge that will reward a new mask. It also introduces Team Boost, The Completely Overkill Safe, Dallas Safe, and fixes. The Lab Rats Halloween Event will not be retiring.

Payday 2 Community Event

For this weekend, Payday 2 will be having a Community Event of:

Secure 30,000 Bags of Meth in the Lab Rats Job within 72 hours.

Completing the job will unlock the The Tormentor Mask.

Tormentor Payday 2 Community Event

Payday 2 Team Boost

Team Boost

Update 90 introduces the Team Boost which is a new feature that has a chance to apply a weapon skin with an experience and money bonus. The bonus will be given to all players in the same game. The Bonus is stackable and is only avaiable on weapon skins.

Payday 2 The Completely Overkill Safe

 The Completely Overkill Safe

The Completely Overkill Safe is a new safe and drill that can only be obtained by the individauls who have bought the the Completely Overkill Pack.

The Completely OVERKILL Safes and Completely OVERKILL Drills are not sellable or tradable. The safe and drill will automatically be added to an eligible player´s inventory when launching PAYDAY 2.

This Safe is special in that only Rare, Epic or Legendary Weapon Skins can be drawn from an already exclusive Weapon Skins Loot Table.

Paydays 2 The Completely Overkill Safe Drops

The Legendary Weapon Skin is the Dragon Lord. It even comes with its own backstory which can be read here.

Payday 2 Dragon Lord

Legendary Weapon Skin Dragon Lord

Payday 2 Dallas Safe

Dallas Safe

The Dallas Safe will replace the Crimefest 2 Case and Drill that was obtained through the card loot drop after each successful heist.
Payday 2 Dallas Safe Drop

 Miscellaneous Fix and Changes


Lab rats:
Fixed some issues related to collisions
Fixed an issue with AI’s cover points
Increased number of Spiders on the level
Increased the Spider’s Damage
Fixed an issue that could occur when cooking Meth
Improved Escape Helicopter’s Timers
Fixed an exploit where players could become unreachable for the enemies
Rats Day 1:
Fixed an issue with bags becoming unreachable for players
Safehouse Nightmare
Removed the Safehouse Nightmare heist from the contract broker


Fixed an issue where bows could benefit from acing the ironman skill
Fixed an issue where owners of the gage ninja pack dlc didn’t receive one of each mod items for the gage ninja pack dlc weapons


Captain Winters:
Fixed an issue where the assault wouldn’t end even if Captain Winters had been defeated


Masks: Upgraded the look of the Baitface mask
Masks: Remove the halloween event masks from the card loot drop


Safes: Added the Dallas safe and drill. Players can now receive the Dallas safe and drill from the card loot drop after successfully completing a heist
Safes: Removed the Crimefest 2 Safe and drill. Players can no longer receive the crimefest 2 safe and drill in the game. These items will still be tradeable between players


Lobby: Fixed an issue where players could change pose in the inventory if another player in the same lobby changed their loadout
Inventory: Added one of each halloween pattern to all players’ inventory since they were hard to obtain during the halloween event
Windows XP: The fixes from the Windows XP open beta are now live


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