Path of Exile – Content Update 2.1.0

Grinding Gear Games have announced their next major Update: Content Update 2.1.0 for Path of Exile. Content Update 2.1.0 will initiate the next Challenge Leagues, new Talisman amulets, Stone Circles, new Challenge Boss, Challenges, Skills & Support Gems, Balance Changes and Unique Items. The Content Update will be released on December 11 for PST.

Talisman Challenge Leagues

The Talisman Challenge Leagues

The next set of Challenge Leagues have been revealed to encompass the new item type, Talismans.

Ancient Ezomyte Talismans

Talismans are infused with the power of the First Ones, the primeval gods of the ancient Ezomytes. The creatures of Wraeclast are instinctively drawn to these relics and the feral vigour they impart.

As you play in the Talisman challenge leagues, you’ll occasionally encounter monsters that are under the influence of Talismans. The ancient magic improves their abilities, resulting in dangerous encounters if you choose to engage them.

Talismans have such a strong lure that monsters are irresistibly drawn to them. If a monster possessed by one is slain, other monsters will rush to claim the Talisman for themselves. Given their power, can you resist equipping one yourself?

Talismans POE


The Talisman is the all new amulets that will also be corrupted and is only obtained through the defeating monsters. The more powerful the Talisman, the more powerful is the creature that yields it.

POE Stone Circles Talisman

Stone Circles

Stone Circles are a new mechanic the revolve around the new Talismans. They are only available in the new challenge leagues and allow the players to sacrifice 5 different Talismans of the same tier to summon a Talisman monster of the next tier.

Path of Exile Thane Rigwald

Thane Rigwald, The Wolven King

Thane Rigwald is the new challenge boss that is only available in the new Talisman Challenges Leagues. In order to fight him, you must sacrifice 5 Talismans of the Third Tier. Upon completing the sacrifice, you’ll be given a portal to challenge him for one of his unique Talismans.

Path of Exile Challenge Rewards

Challenges and Rewards

New Challenge Leagues always means New Challenges for their respective Challenge League and new rewards. There are a total of 32 challenges throughout both the challenge leagues that will reward the player with a part of Thane Rigwald‘s armor set for every 8 challenges completed. The Totem Reward is also making a return as players will be receiving a Totem piece for every 2 challenges completed.

Path of Exile New Skills

New Skills & Support Gems

Content Update 2.1.0 will feature a total of 8 new Skill gems and 4 new support Gems. There will be 3 new Bow Skills:

Shrapnel Shot 

Shrapnel Shot fires a piercing arrow with a cone of lightning damage, for high close-range damage.

Blast Rain

Blast Rain bombards an area with a series of fiery arrows that explode when they land. The damage is focused around the middle, making it a reliable way to remove tougher enemies while also destroying those gathered around them.

Siege Ballista

The Siege Ballista skill creates a mechanical crossbow that fires a powerful, piercing bolt after a build-up time. It’s extremely useful for bow characters, delivering a deadly shot if you’re able to draw enemies into its fire.

2 new Physical Damage Spells:

Blade Vortex

Blade Vortex summons ethereal weapons that spin around you, slicing up nearby enemies.


Bladefall causes a wide cluster of blades to rain down in a row, carpeting an area with ethereal weapons. The blades spread out and cover a wider area as they travel away from you.

3 new chaos damage spells:


Contagion applies a chaos damage over time effect to your foes, which spreads to other nearby enemies as they die.

Essence Drain:

Essence Drain fires a projectile that applies a chaos damage over time effect, which can be spread by Contagion. A portion of the damage dealt by Essence Drain is recovered as life.


Wither applies a slowing effect to enemies and makes them more vulnerable to chaos damage. It can combine with the new chaos skills or existing ones like Caustic Arrow or Viper Strike.

4 new Support Gems:

Controlled Destruction

Controlled Destruction boosts Spell Damage while reducing Critical Strike Chance.

Void Manipulation

Void Manipulation enhances Chaos Damage by taking away Elemental Damage.

Rapid Decay

Rapid Decay empowers Damage Over Time for the price of reduced Skill Effect Duration.


The Blasphemy Support Gem allows you to convert your curses to auras, applying them to nearby monsters without manual intervention. Melee and other close-range characters will find this incredibly useful.

Path of Exile New Uniques

New Unique Items

There are 3 new Unique items that have revealed

Roth’s Reach Recurve Bow

Path of Exile Roth's Reach Recurve BowReq. Lv. 18, 65 Dex
Physical Damage: 19-58
Critical Strike Chance: 6.50%
Attacks Per Second: 1.31

71% Increased Physical Damage
21% Increased Elemental Damage with Weapons
5% Increased Attack Speed
Skills Chain +1 Times
30% increased Projectile Speed

"Exiled to the sea; what a joke. I'm more free than I've e-ver been." 
        -Captain Weylam "Rot-Tooth" Roth of the Black Crest

Kongming’s Strategem Ivory Spirit Shield

Path Of Exile KongMings StratagemReq. Lvl. 41, 100 Int
15% Increased Spell Damage

+30 Intelligence
101% Increased Energy Shield
Socketed Trap Skills create a Smoke Cloud when triggered
30% Increased Fire Damage to Blinded Enemies
30% Reduced Spell Damage Taken from Blinded Enemies
No Block Chance

Those who are skilled in combat do not become angered. Those who are skilled at winning do not become afraid. Thus thewise win before they fight, while the ignorant fight to win.

Steel Spirit Virdian Jewel

Path of Exile Steel Spirit GemRadius: Medium

8% Increasd Projectile Damage
With at least 50 Dexterity allocated in Radius, each Spectral Throw Projectile Gains 4% Increased Damage each time it hits.

The Sekhema rode to the mountain, with her tribe, devoted and strong. And sewed shut the mouth of nightmare, so that it would not consume her world.

Path of Exile Balance Changes

Balance Changes

As always, every Content Update will features Balance Changes to the passive tree. Players will all receive a passive tree reset to compensate for the changes.


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