Hearthstone – The League of Explorers

The League of Explorer is Hearthstone‘s newest Adventure that will launch on November 12. All new cards that will be in the League of Explorers can be found here.

New Keyword

Hearthstone Dark peddler Hearthstone Gorillabot A-3

The new addition to Hearthstone is the League of Explorer is the new key word Discover which allows lets the player choose between 3 random cards to be use specific to the player’s class.

New Game Boards

As always, new Adventure Modes means New Gameboards. The League of Explorers will feature 2 new Gameboards: Excavation & The Hall of Explorers.

Hearthstone League of Explorers Excavation

Archaeology isn’t archaeology without an excavation! Unearth the ancient hewn-stone halls of Uldaman! Explore the ruins of the ancient city, and unravel timeless mysteries! Find out what that light beam thing does—what could go wrong?

The Hall of Explorers
Hearthstone Hall of Explorers Game Board

If these tastefully wood-paneled walls could talk, they’d tell tales of amazing discoveries, painstaking research, and the boundless bravery and enthusiasm of the League of Explorers. They’d probably also mention that one weird thing Reno does when he doesn’t think anyone else is around.

Similar to every other Adventures before, there will be 4 wings. You can either purchase these with gold or real money.

Hearthstone League of Explorer Bundles


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