Diablo 3 – PTR Patch 2.4.0

PTR Patch 2.4.0 for Diablo 3 should include an all new Zone along with expanding two older zones. Plus it also revamps set items, adds Set Dungeons, Empowered Rifts, UI changes, Season changes and much more.

For PTR 2.4.0, a New Zone is set to be released:

Greyhollow Island

Diablo 3 Greyhollow Mountain

Explore a new stretch of Sanctuary by venturing to Greyhollow Island! This mysterious forested locale is steeped in intrigue, and rumors abound that those who visit are doomed to never return.

Diablo 3 Greyhollow Island 2 Shipwreck

Brave the wild beasts and supernatural creatures and unravel the mystery behind the tragedies that have occurred here. This new zone is exclusive to Adventure Mode, but be forewarned; the land itself is said to be hungry for blood.

Diablo 3 Greyhollow Island

Expanded Areas: The Eternal Woods & Royal Quarters

In addition to Greyhollow Island, two existing areas are getting an expansion. The Eternal Woods is the new area that takes us back in time before what currently is beyond the gates of the Ruins of Sescheron. 

The Eternal Woods Diablo 3

Leoric’s Manor is also getting an expansion with the Royal Quarters that shows us whats beyond the rubble in Leoric’s Manor.

Royal Quarters Diablo 3

Revamped Set Items

Blizzard is revamping nearly all of the current 24 sets by either completely overhauling it or buffing it to become relevant in the new patch.

Diablo 3 Shadow Mantle Revmaped Set 2.4.0 PTR

Jewelry sets are also getting the same treatment.

Set Dungeons

Diablo 3 PTR 2.4.0 Set Dungeons

Set Dungeons are available to players who have completed a full set. After completing a full set, the player be given a clue to track down an ancient dungeon specifically for the set. Completing these Set Dungeons will wield cosmetic rewards specific to its corresponding set. The Set Dungeons are not randomized.

Empowered Rifts

Diablo 3 2.4.0 PTr Empowered Rifts

Empowered Rifts will increase the number of possible Legendary Gems upgrades from 1-4. The difference in the upgrades will depend on how much gold you spent and the tier of Great Rift.

New Legendaries

As always, a new patch comes with new Legendaries. PTR Patch 2.4.0 should launch with 40+ new Legendaries along with revamps to older relevant Legendaries.

UI Buff Change

In order to compensate for the large influx of new Buffs, Diablo 3 will be removing skill buff icons from showing up to allow more room for the other buffs.

More Stash Space

The new PTR Patch should come with the ability for players to purchase a new stash tab that will allow 350 more items to be stored. Along with that, players can possibly earn even more stash tabs through Season Journeys up to a maximum of 10 stash tabs or a total of 3500 items.

Season Journey Changes

There will be no more Seasonal Legendaries starting Season 5, every Legendary at that point will be avaiable for both seasonal characters and non-seasonal characters.

Diablo 3 Seasonal Journey Haedrig's Gift

We’ve introduced Haedrig’s Gift, a special bundle of Set items you’ll receive on completion of certain stages of the Season Journey. Should you complete the first four chapters of the Season Journey, you’ll be guaranteed a full set of one of your six piece class sets. Which set applies to the Season will rotate with each new Season, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to collect them all.

Season Rebirth

Season Rebirth is a new mechanic that will allow you to takes your non-Seasonal hero and make them a Seasonal hero so you can build up your hero’s name and hours played. Any items during the transferring to a Season will be sent to your mailbox on the non-seasonal server. You’re paragon levels will not come with you to the Season but will retain in the normal servers.

Action Combat

A new mechanic is coming to PC that will rewarding the players for maintaining either a Kill Combo, Environmental Object Combo or Environmental Kill Combo. Each of these Combo will have a seperate perk to it.

A Kill Combo will reward an Exp Bonus

Diablo 3 EXp Bonus PTR

Environmental Object Combo will yield a Speed Bonus, and

Diablo 3 ptr 2.4.0 speed bonus

Environmental Kills will give a Resource Gain Bonus.

Diablo 3 ptr 2.4.0 resource bonus


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