Overwatch – Origins Edition & Collector’s Edition

Overwatch is expected to released on 6/21/2016 and Overwatch’s Origin Edition is now available for pre-purchase on Xbox One, PC or Playstation 4 for digital version only.

Overwatch: Origins Edition items will be available on or before the release of the game.

Pre-purchasing the game will yield you the Noire Widowmaker Skin. Collector’s Edition will include all of the things from Origin Edition along with a Visual Sourcebook, Soundtrack and Soldier:76 Statue.

Overwatch Collector's Edition

Overwatch Origins Edition will cost 60$ and will come with:

5 unique Hero Skins

Overwatch Origin Hero Skins

Heroes of the Storm Tracer Hero

Heroes of the Storm Tracer Hero

a Baby Winston Pet for World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Overwatch Origin Edition Pet

an Overwatch Cardback for Hearthstone

Overwatch Origin Hearthstone Cardback

Diablo 3 Mercy’s Wings

Diablo 3 Overwatch Origin Edition Mercy's Wings

6 Starcraft 2 in-game portraits

Overwatch Origin Edition Starcraft 2 Portraits


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