Warframe – The Jordas Verdict Guide

Warframe Update 17.9.1 introduces an all new Raid, The Jordas Verdict. The Jordas Verdict Trial Mission is more difficult than the Law of Retribution, plus it requires Archwing. The Trial is still currently in BETA so bugs are expected.

To access the Jordas Verdict Trial, you must first create a key from it’s blueprint. The Blueprint is available at the Market for 100,000 Credits.

Archwing Part

The Trial Quest will put you directly into the Archwing when started.

Do I detect a Cehaplon near by? Precept 44 compels you to help..


You will meet an Esopahges infested blockade, on the opposite side there are two circular yellow buttons. Activating both of them simultaneously will change the color from yellow to green and shoot out an infested spore. You can move the infested spore by hitting it(melee or using Odanata’s 4 skill or Itzal’s 3), protect it from incoming fire. After clearing the second blockade, you won’t need the infested spore anymore.

Warframe Jordas Verdict

You will meet a gate with two orange panels, open those and have each person positioned to another panel inside. You will have to time it correctly and quickly, failure to complete it quickly will send your whole team back outside. Once, you get past the first timing panels, there will be 2 more after. At this point you want to again shoot all the panels in the last room and go up until you stumble onto another two panels that spawn an infested spore.

-Stuff it Jordas- we’ve heard it all before. These Operators are here to put you out of your misery


From these, you need to escort an infested spore all the way through. There are panels behind the green force fields that disable it, you will also want to try to keep the corpus bomb that occasionally spawn from the side from hitting the infested spore. After making it reach the end, it will open up a door that will complete the Archwing part of the mission.

Ship Interior

Warframe Jordas Verdict Ship Interior

Upon completing the first section, you will need Antiserum Injectors that is built from the Dojo to pick up and power the Vaporizer. Reaching 0 will make it so your Warframe will start to lose health similar to where you have no life support left in a survival. The blue spheres will prevent you from taking damage.

After getting your Antiserum Injectors, you will be able to power the Vaporizers through the map that unlocks a hacking panel at the targeted objective.

Getting into the next section of the ship requires players to pick up Blue Batteries that only players with Antiserum Injectors can pick up. These Blue Batteries can be found throughout the map of through killing mobs. These Blue Batteries are used to power up the next set of Vaporizers speeding up decryption from Low – Moderate – High Performance. There are occasional instant kills so stay in the blue spheres to prevent it. Finishing the decryption will finish Phase 1 of the Raid.

Ship Interior Part 2 (Phase 2)

Part 2 requires the players to power up some more Vaporizers, how fun! You will hack a few terminals to move onto the next section of the map which is an elevator with vaporizers spread out on different levels, powering up the Vaporizers will move the elevator up. When the elevators reaches the top, you will need to go to extraction quickly.

Golem Phase

Warframe Jordas Verdict Boss

Nerve 1

The next phase is the Golem fight. To defeat it’s first nerve, you will need to open him by shooting the panels on his engine. While his nerve is open, you will need to escort a infested spore to it’s opening. Upon hitting him, sent 4 players into the Golem. (Ideal Warframes to send in are Loki, Trinity, Nekros and Nyx.) Once you go through the Golem maze, there are vaporizers inside him of it in which you have to power it up with blue batteries from monsters that spawn. The rest of the players need to keep escorting Infested Spores into the Golem’s opening to prevent the Golem Engines froms reaching 100% charge. (Only send in players with an Antiserum Injector). Esopahges teleport you throughout the map. Use the Esopahges until you get into an open area with glass around and fully charge those Vaporizers. These vaporizers will open up 2 doors that will open to pads. Charge the vaporizers and hack the panels until you destroy the first nerve. Destroying the first nerve allows you leave the Golem’s body and hurt him outside.

Nerve 2.

Repeat the beginning and go into Golem again. This time, you’re trying to destroy the nerve up top. This time, you want to activate the two pads again and panels around the Vaporizer inside the container and if you go out and slightly top left and look up, you will see a container and it should open. From then, you can hack the panel and blow up the entrance to it by shooting the explosive barrel. Now, you should find the rail in the ground and follow it up, behind that container it’s connected to, there is a door(you use the previous 2 pads to get this one to open). Hack the panel there would be a 2 new pad. Get on those 2 pads and keep the vaporizer going next to the panel. You should be able to take the Esopaghes after you use the panel to move the Vaporizer, inside the new location hack the panel next to the door. From then you can destroy the nerve inside the room.

Nerve 3.

Ok, last time I promise. The container under the container will the rail through should be able to broken now. Go in there and go down, then use your loki and find the deadend with a crack through one of the doors, switch teleport into there and hack the panel. Hacking the panel will allow you to get into the last area with the nerve, blow up the explosive barrel and kill the last nerve. Then you’re done.

Completing the raid will reward you, 250,000 Credits and a new Arcane + the Jordas Sekhara Badge.

Don’t kill the Golem with Velocitus, it may glitch.


2 thoughts on “Warframe – The Jordas Verdict Guide

  1. Hi,Im on pc and I have troubles getting a team to co-ordinate at the last stage cause most of us dont know how to do it after nerve 2.Can you by chance help?


    • Sorry I can’t help but I can suggest that you look at the steps on the wiki as they have been refined and repeated while mine was a quick overview. As for recruiting you can use the forums.


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