Warframe – Hallowed Nightmare Tactical Alert

Warframe‘s newest Tactical Alert is Hallowed Nightmare located on Earth. The Tactical Event will last 3 days. You will be completing a Sabotage Mission where your Warframe’s health and shield will be drop to 100 and you can’t use your weapons or Warframe abilities.

There are two parts to the Sabotage Mission, you must first reach the locked door which you need to hack 2 panels on opposites sides to obtain 2 cells that will unlock the door.

After that, you will have to defeat the Jack’o’naut. You must lure him next the stacked pumpkins or explosive barrels that create a ring of fire which damages it.

Completing the mission on normal will reward an Orokin Catalyst Blueprint while endurance will reward a Stratos Emblem. 

The Endurance Mission will have your Health and Shields drop to 50 and enemies will be level 7/8 instead of 1. There will also be Grinner Caches spread throughout the map which can yield nightmare mods, credits, fusion cores.

I can guarantee these mods drop: Ice Storm, Hammer Shot, Blaze and Constitution.


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