Payday 2 – S.W.A.T. Van Turret 2.0 & Hollywood Masks

Day 8 of Payday 2′s Crimefest introduces Commissioner Garret’s new S.W.A.T. Van Turret, New Hollywood themed Masks and a new Payday 2 Community Event.

S.W.A.T. Van Turret 2.0

Commissioner Garrett’s rolling out the Big Guns

Commissioner Garrett has got the files, studied the footage and drawn his conclusions, and he’s taken decisive action. This update is the first direct result of that. Engineers have been toiling and the MPD are ready to roll this out – the SWAT Van Turret 2.0!

It’s sporting a new armor repair system, and packs a significantly harder punch. Garrett also observed a weakness in previous models by allowing heisters to get too close, so his engineers have installed a system to help it keep you at arms length.

And it’s not just the construction that’s been given an upgrade. Garrett has defined new doctrines for its deployment. You can expect to see its appearance in heists become more selective and varied. But when it does appear…you’ll know about it.

Hollywood Masks

Payday 2 Crimefest day 7 masks

Payday 2 Community Event

AU Ticket

In the First World Bank job, find the Titan safe and collect the special item inside.

Complete the new AU Ticket Achievement, which will last 1 month from Oct. 22 to be rewarded a First World Safe & Drill. Limited to one per player and only to bought copies of Payday 2.


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