Maplestory GMS v.165 – Futuroid Android

Starting Tomorrow, Maplestory GMS will be having a Futuroid Android Event.

The Event will last until November 18, and will be having the player collect Futuroid Crate 2-7 from monsters from their level range with the first crate only available in the Cash Shop for 300 NX/Reward Points.

Maplestory GMS Futuroid Parts

After fully collecting all the pieces, you will have to visit Gaga in the Event Hall where you can selected either a male or female Futuroid Android that will come along with a Man’s Shirts equip(unisex) for your Futuorid.

Unfortunately, the Electronic Hearts for these Androids cost 1mil mesos each and last 14 days. The Hearts come in 5 version each increasing a certain stat.

Maplestory Futuroids

If you’re lucky, you may be able to get a permanent Electronic Heart along with a Futuroid from a Futuroid Coupon from the Gachapon.


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