Payday 2 – The Black Market Update

The first day of Payday 2 Crimefest starts with the Black Market Update where Vlad will be supply the player with numerous weapon skins, mods and more.

You’ll be opening safe just like you’ll open up Counter Strike GO cases.

Each safe drops a slick weapon skin, and each skin may have special mods and a stat boost associated with it. Sometimes, very rarely, a safe may even contain a precious Legendary skin.

The Rarity rating of the skins range from Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic.

There are currently 2 different types of safes, The Sputnik Safe & The Crimefest 2 Safe. Similar to CS GO, you will need keys(drills) to open up these safes.

You know the drill! Each safe can only be opened with a specially-designed drill, which can be acquired from the Steam Market. Buy a drill, and then use it or trade it – the choice is yours. Gang, the Black Market is open!

Guys, the drill – GO GET IT!

Sputnik Safe

Payday 2 The Black market Update Item Skins

Vlad introduces the Sputnik Safe – a line-up of skins designed to celebrate his pioneering rise.

Collect the Sputnik Safe, slap on some brand new skins and mow down your enemy. Like angry bear!

Crimefest 2 Safe

Payday 2 Black Market Update Items #2

From the murky depths of the dungeon, over the bones of cloakers and through the fires of challenge, comes the Crimefest II Safe. The skins in this safe let you apply a great retro style for a fest of crime.

You may even earn a Safe Card for your Payday deck!

The special things about these skins, is that it can give your additional stats.

Payday 2 Black market Update Moded weapon with skin


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